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laura lazar tee

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laura lazar mircea eliadeI am wearing a Romanian Treasures by Laura Lazar tee, H&M pants, Smiling Shoes heels, Ray Ban sunglasses, Andresco Jewelry molecular ring  and a Celine bag

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



I went to sleep last night thinking of what story from bed I should tell you today. Remember my promise for  Paravion.ro‘s cool contest?


You don’t know this about me and it’s quite a tough choice to tell you but I’m going to do it anyway. I am an avid couch potato! Yes I am (except that I am potato-eing  in BED). Therefore I have thousands of little stories to tell. However, I decided to tell you what I’ve  been picturing in my mind last night before I fall asleep.

Fact is that I remembered about Laura Lazar‘s Romanian Treasures tee project and that my favorite tee from this collection was the Mircea Eliade one. That was it, I instantly thought about  this impossible outside imagination conversation I’d have with Eliade and what I would or should ask  him. After all, he was my favorite writer growing up. The Superstar writer of my adolescence, actually.

Obviously, my first questions for him would have  been for sure about his view on religion. Then we would have talked about his novels 19 roses, The Forbidden Forrest and  The Secret of Doctor Honigberger (I still have some intriguing questions in my head about some details). After that I would have asked him about youth, the secret of wisdom, about the way people lived like in his time. I would have showed him Facebook, blogs, gadgets, McDonald’s, Instagram and all the latest capitalist junk and I would have asked him how he felt about them.

I would have made him choose a hotel and we would have gone in a great adventure together but I fell asleep. This morning I woke up alone in my bed (Serban is away), dressed in Laura‘s tee and with tons of hazelnut ice cream around me.


Well, this was my bedtime story from bed from last night but as I said I still have a few thousands more so keep close #smile


Before I go, here’s to what I’m listening to on youtube now



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  1. Gifts & Sweethearts says:

    my teenage years were much influenced by eliade’s books, so i can relate to your bed story 🙂

  2. Shoes Addiction says:

    what is your favourite Mircea Eliade book Annette?

  3. Tammy says:

    if i had your celine bag i would feel i haven’t lived for nothing :))))

  4. clara says:

    mi-am luat si eu pantofi ca ai taiiiiiii :)))) sunt foarte frumosi si atat de comozi! sa nu mai zic de feminini! me happy!

    • alishor says:

      Buna! Ini poti spune pls cati cm are tocul? Sunt tare frumosi pantofii si vin superb pe picior

  5. Urania Banescu says:

    esti fermecatoare, si tema oncursului Paravion este draguta foc ^_^

  6. Dianaaa says:

    vaiii ce frumos Ana, mi-ai amintit de Eliade, cate ore frumoase am petrecut si eu cu el 🙂

  7. Hera says:


  8. Passion for Style says:

    vreau si eu la Amsterdam!! mai ales ca sunt fidela Paravion.ro, mi-au oferit cateva experiente memorabile! pick me pick me!

  9. anca q says:

    de ce nu te intalnesc si eu niciodata pe strada? 🙂 esti asa chic

  10. Fusta Bunicii says:

    frumosi pantaofii si geanta! pe gustul meu

  11. Vanessa Youngdaughter says:

    love the hand detail, the rings are beautiful

  12. Ofelia Danea says:

    tina turner?! ce cool, nu stiam ca iti place, de fapt ma entuziasmez la orice aflu nou dupa ce te urmaresc cu drag de atata timp draga mea! iti trimit multe ganduri bune!

  13. wanda says:

    imi place tinuta de azi, si tricoul mai ales, dar ochelarii tai sunt mai cool decat ai lui Eliade 🙂

  14. ghinea ionela says:

    saracul, cred ca ar fi socat daca ar vedea toate prostiile cu care ne umplem timpul astazi….mai bine ca nu le-a apucat!

  15. Pina Lewis de Chic says:

    very original bed story, loved it honey

  16. TEO says:

    hihi Eliade looks so cool pe tricoul asta, chiar funny

  17. Lucia says:

    wow ce spectaculoasa e cladirea din spate

  18. Claudette the Chic says:

    apreciez linia de tricouri creata de Laura Lazar <3

  19. Style Bubble says:

    this one is my favourite tee also! nice!

  20. Great Stories says:

    i like how much more close to the public the latest campaigns are, the contest is really tempting, i can instatly think of at least 5 stories from bed that i gladly remember 🙂 congratulations for this one paravion.ro!

  21. Ama says:

    mmmm mi s-a facut pofta sa-mi recitesc cartile lui Eliade!

  22. Zadin says:

    Super look!

  23. Anca says:

    Mi-ai facut pofta de Eliade si de pantofi leopard print

  24. Roxana says:

    Buna Ana,as vrea sa-mi comand acest tricou si nu stiu ce mărime ar fi buna pentru mine .Tu ce mărime porti in fotografii? Multumesc mult! Sărbători frumoase!

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Buna Roxana, tricoul meu este mairmea M 🙂
      Zile linistite si pentru tine <3

  25. Andra says:

    Hi Ana! One question: The trousers are already in H&M stores or i have to wait for the next collection?

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