5 Fashion Rules You Should Always Ignore

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13 March 2015 / By / 23 Comments

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Ana MorodanI am wearing a Marie Ollie dress

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev at Palatul Noblesse – Centru de Arte si Evenimente




Ohh how I`ve missed wearing a long dress. I haven`t wore one in such a long time…since Wednesday.



  • Everything goes with everything Mixing any kinds of prints and textures might turn you into a little circus if you`re not paying attention to a few correct rules


  • Don’t bother with anything but designer labels – Be open minded even if your social crowd is a high fashion consumer. Learn that style is a matter of understanding your body and personality. Build an unforgettable and unique style not an expensive wardrobe. Be eliberated by this snobbish social norm.


  • More is MoreNope, statement jewelry, shiny textures, prints, leather, 4 colors and a bold make-up will just make you look Pop Out not stylish


  • If you don`t look like a model don`t dress like a model Says who? Dress accordingly to your body shape, I give it that but don`t spend your time thinking that if you are not a perfect size body you should dress plain and always safe. Be sensual and daring and wear your style and shape with pride


  • Short ladies can`t wear long dresses or skirtsWrong. Wearing “long” clothes is more about waist placement than height. Literally anyone can fake being tall when the legs are elongated, so if you want to wear maxi dresses, midi skirts or even skinnies, just visually raise the waist. Wearing a higher-waisted pair of jeans will mitigate height (especially when worn with heels). Or, wear an empire waist maxi (belt it if there’s a ton of volume) and then do a pair of wedges, with the skirt falling all the way to the floor.




We took this pictures at Palatul Noblesse – Centru de Arte si Evenimente – the most high-end showroom from this part of Europe. A perfect place for hosting unforgettable events and also a very glamorous showroom where you can shop and see exquisite pieces of furniture and decorations.











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  1. felicia says:

    arati superb in rochia asta

  2. Mary says:

    twin bracelets make a comeback 😉 love the

  3. indira says:

    tocmai imi spunea o prietena ca minionele nu au voie sa poarte lung :)) ador rochiile lungi, desi am doar 1,62

  4. Marina Iftimie says:

    Arati minunat in rochii lungi iar aceasta e cu adevarat deosebita

  5. heidi says:

    more is usually….ugly 🙂

  6. AnaMaria says:

    mi-as dori tare sa ne intalnim pentru ca “dress acording to your body shape” mi se pare uneori atat de dificil, cred ca am cea ma urata conformatie din lume

  7. la_bella_contessa says:

    I love you in long dresses <3

  8. Loredana says:

    Palatul Noblesse e unul dintre locurile mele preferate 😉

  9. clara_fab says:

    this place looks wonderful, and so do you. thanks for the fashion tips 😉 muaah

  10. delia says:

    hmmmm, daca stau bine sa ma gandesc am fost de cateva ori un circ ambulant :)))))

  11. Liz Luiza says:

    Cum imbraci o silueta para? O para foarte urata if I may add :)) eu sunt asa si uneori mi-e atat de greu sa-mi aleg tinutele…

  12. ruxi says:

    the earrings are so cool

  13. Tina says:

    uuu, love the shoes

  14. nicole says:

    the setting is amazig

  15. Andreea Oprea says:

    Rochia este superba iar fotografia din cada-preferata mea 🙂

  16. crina says:

    ce bine ca scrii despre minione si rochiile lungi, toata lumea e importiva si eu n-as mai purta altceva 🙂

  17. Cristina Gatej says:

    Touche cu brandurile si etichetele 😉

  18. lorry says:

    I think a also need a fairy assistant :))

  19. fashion_addict says:

    great advice 😉 love the dress

  20. Diana says:


  21. Hanna says:

    Love the photos ❤️ and the dress is great on you

  22. Ana Maria says:

    Buna Ana,
    Cat de frumoasa esti! Rochia este divina. Mi-ar placea sa aflu mai multe (muuuulte) info despre fashion rules, poate chiar si in imagini.
    Multumesc !

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