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I was  visiting another home decorated by the La Maison team when it hit me: What really seduces us when we see someone we like is not fashion and clothes all the way, but a fashionable lifestyle. 


The art of dressing well, like decorating, is a form of non-verbal expression. A home reflects an individualist perspective and utterly personal point of view.





Ana Morodan 4


Ana Morodan


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Ana Morodan 2




Ana Morodan 1Corina Vladescu dress – available on Molecule F – Smiling Shoes heels 

Photos of me by Silvia Postolatiev 





Here are the 5 tips & tricks fashion rules which I`ve learned from the La Maison team on my constant visits to their showroom, and can be applied to our homes:




1. Always focus on quality rather than quantity – even if we speak about a well tailored blazer or a re-upholstered chair and custom tailored curtains – my new home is focused on less furniture pieces with an impeccable design and an `expensive` aspect (without being necessarily so)



2Wear what makes you feel good – colors convey emotion – personally I considered this just a theory but I`ve first felt this strongly a week ago when I was in Cluj for a few days and only took white clothes with me. When I got back to black and grey and colors, I felt different – deck your home in hues that reflect the vibes you want to revel in most days. Going for sophisticated and relaxed? Try out serene dove grays and tranquil, cool hues. Whites/Beige/Mild grey/Creme



3.  Get informed / Educate your Inspiration – Make a mood board. Drink a gin tonic. Survey Pinterest. Take an interior designer out to lunch. Trick him/her into helping you decorate free of charge. #haha #no



4. Know your shape – I`m a f***ing Apple (because I have a tummy mostly) so theoretically I have to highlight my waist and so on. When it comes to home decoration it means we have to choose colors and décor that is appropriate and complementary to the space itself. This may mean showing off high ceilings with dramatic window treatments or giving tight quarters the illusion of grandeur with favorable accents in the way of reflective surfaces, pattern work, or less dense furniture.



5. Be Yourself – our home would reflect our tastes, personalities, lifestyle and philosophies. Therefore, we have to find unique details that reflect a distinctive personality are standouts in any dwellings. (learned a new word in Englishhhh). Choose items that mean something to you individually. Tell a story. Drink a gin.*




* I`ve just said `drink a gin` twice in the same post?!?…I may be old or I may be an alcoholic. Ohhh, I`ll leave it to the gossipers to decide. 5b












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  1. alexa says:

    pur si simplu perfect, dream decor e asta <3

  2. Madalina Radu says:

    Sa stii ca ai dreptate, casa e cu adevarat ceea ce ne reprezinta. O casa frumoasa inseamna oameni frumosi

  3. Xenia says:

    Be yourself is the best advice one can give 🙂 PS: love the fur collar

  4. Lady Di says:

    So aristo of you to pose on that bed 😉 the colors in that photo are my favourites

  5. Riri says:

    great outfit. 10x for the tips 😉

  6. nico popa says:

    La Maison e absolut minunat, o adevarata sursa de inspiratie

  7. Elena Vlad says:

    Cred ca si casele pot fi la fel de tricky ca si tinutele zilnice- daca nu stii ce ti se potriveste cu adevarat si tii cont doar de tendinte, e posibil sa fii a total mess

  8. kiki says:

    The perfect dress <3

  9. Valeria says:

    Wow, biblioteca visurilor mele…sper sa am norocul sa am o asemenea camera in casa mea

  10. Anca Serban says:

    Arati atat de peaceful in acest decor de vis 🙂

  11. bibi says:

    coltul cu masa rotunda e perfect, parca e luat dintr-o casa de papusi

  12. roxana v. says:

    Always focus on quality rather than quantity ….asta e cel mai greu pentru mine, super sa ma dezvat curand de treaba asta

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