3 Resolutions Regarding The Things I`ll Indulge In Next Year

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 I`m not going to be a cry baby and get all emotional but the last days were so filled with positive energy and revelations for me that I just want to tell the whole world about them. First I have to organize my ideas and this might take a while, I am a slow leprechaun.

However, what is important for me to tell you is that next year things will get even Bigger (as if they were not big enough this year)  than they are now and great adventures lay before us. But to be able to live those adventures there are some things which need to be done first.








AnaMorodan.comI am wearing an Andra Andreescu leather trench and Caviar by Valentina Pelinel for Flusberg Jewelry New York earrings

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev at Simona`s



Things like daily basis habits. Yes, they need to be changed. Or things like taking care of your body or going to the gym (Stejarii Country Club people, I plan to come daily starting next year), eating healthier food (not trusting the Raw diet that much – I`ve read a lot on the subject, have arguments, be back on the subject) or planning my daily agenda more elaborately.

BUTTT, yes, there is a But, the thing I`ll adore the most and will stay the same next year too is being a hedonist. So in order not to transform myself into a petite robot, here are some NEW YEAR Resolutions that will keep indulging me into magnificent sensations:


  • I`ll still want to be a couch potato once – better yet, twice or more – per week – reading, internet surfing, blogging or agenda organizing – they are all done better from bed – yes, it works for me


  • Diet or no diet, I will not give up my favorite dessert – Haagen-Dazs ice cream –  Secret Sensation with chocolate is The HIT  – I am telling you. Even Mazilu agreed and we used Haagen-Dazs in the last Kitchen Victim episode while preparing an easy Christmas dessert


  • Trends may come, trends may go but I`ll still be faithful to my – as a journalist put it – modern countess style –  it will suffer updates or upgrades but my clear style signature will remain the same



I think taking it easy while preparing to conquer the world might prove to be useful, handy and guess what? Even fun. A natural Xanax I might add. And as I hysterically shouted at my nutritionist – `You can`t take all the sweets away. Just decide which one you will leave to me!` – he decided for ice cream and for Haagen -Dazs because it was the one with the fewer saturated fats from my list and I`m glad he did because it is also my addiction dessert –  I am telling you me now:


Always keep a few guilty pleasures near, `live dangerously`, it might prove to be an enlightening ride.











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  1. Crina Andrei says:

    aaaa, lista de an nou 🙂 suna interesant a ta

  2. micky says:

    love the trench, it such a versatile piece

  3. ioana says:

    say YES to icecream :))))

  4. Ilinca Marinescu says:

    ai dreptate, uneori e mai bine sa lucrezi din varful patului. parca ai mai mult spor 😉

  5. flavia says:

    uite, eu mi-am propus sa-mi schimb putin stilul, care acum e practic…inexistent! si tu esti una din sursele mele de inspiratie, so thanks 😉

  6. catalina florea says:

    asta e trenciul/rochia perfecta! arata impecabil

  7. adnana says:

    love new year’s resolutions

  8. Marina G. says:

    love the ‘modern countess style’ 😉

  9. Irina Crestu says:

    dadada, sa mergem la sala! sper sa-mi iasa in 2015 :)))))

  10. MadaLina says:

    cercerii sunt out of this world!

  11. Eliza Tita says:

    Uite reteta cu leftovers de la Craciun: o felie de cozonac incalzita putin, un strat fiiiin de ciocolata nutella si Haagen Dazs dupa gust 😉 recomand vanilie

  12. Noemi says:

    laugh a lot, live and love

    Happy 2015!

  13. Cristiana Ilie says:

    asta cu sala e tricky rau :)))

  14. ada says:

    HD tiramisu rulz

  15. lavinia says:

    Adevarul e ca inghetata e si desertul meu preferat 🙂

  16. diana says:

    Si eu mi-am propus sa manac mai sanatos, abia astept sa vad ce idei de dieta imi dai 🙂

  17. Simona Badea says:

    Ador tinutele din piele

  18. violet_flower says:

    happy better new year, darling! never change, you are amazing

  19. Enescu Paulina says:

    stilul tau de contesa moderna e absolut minunat 🙂

  20. ilinca says:

    great resolutions. the one with the gym seems a bit…impossible :)))) just a bit

  21. Oana Alexandra says:

    Haagen Dasz e motivul pentru care am treaba la mall din doua in doua zile :))) ador inghetata lor si cel mai mult imi place s-o mananc din cornet

  22. sara says:

    HD vanilla has the same taste the icecream my grandma used to make. I absolutely love it!

  23. melanie popp says:

    That is a very sexy outfit 😉

  24. Diana says:

    Ana esti incredibil de amuzanta! Iti citesc blogul cu placere!

  25. the 99 diet says:

    Don’t diet! Just get to know your body and make the changes accordingly!

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