3 Reasons Why You Should Re-evaluate Your Perception About Beauty & A Giveaway

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1 March 2015 / By / 150 Comments

Ana Morodan (6)



Yes, you`ve guessed it. Nope, I was not thinking about it the other day and it did not come to me out of nowhere. I am writing this article to support a mission I believe in myself. Dove`s mission to redefine the beauty standards.

Here`s this simple fact. You may be a standardized beauty, you may be successful and you may be admired but if you have a precarious character you`ll always be avoidable, not liked and unpleasant.



Ana Morodan (2)

Ana Morodan 3

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan (3)

Ana Morodan 2

Ana Morodan (5)

Ana Morodan (4)I am wearing a pair of Smiling Shoes boots, a PNK Casual dress, an Avitatorilor 41 blazer, a Chloe bag and a Cartier bracelet

Photos by Mihai Dina at Madame Pogany



Here`s my theory regarding the matter


1. Get this straight into your head – A beautiful person is a person who understands that people may forget how you look and what you`ve said to them but they will never forget how you made them feel.

2. Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder – cliche but very true – The easiest way to influence how others view you is to demonstrate that you like them – if you express interest in what others say, or smile and lightly touch their arm, they will likely feel flattered, comfortable around you and even more attracted to you

3. Do not focus on the society standards but on building a fascinating and unforgettable personalityI always say this in all of my public speaking meetings and it`s not just because it`s true but because I am a first believer of this affirmation  – The fascinating women are not necessarily the standardized beauty ones – see Diana Vreeland, Peggy Guggenheim or Luisa Casati.



And just to give you a little positivity boost Dove has some surprises for you – 10 Dove Gift Pouches stashed with goodiesana-8


All you have to do is tell me in a comment if you would open the dictionary right now which are the words you`ll see to describe Real Beauty along with #DescoperaFrumusetea hashtag.

And please check the terms&conditions

 Good luck darlings and always remember, you rule your happiness – stay focused and redefine how you perceive yourselves. smile





And the 10 winners are:

1. Adina

2. Mihaela M

3. Crina Constantin

4. Diana Achim

5. Gherghel Andreea

6. Monica

7. Cristina Soos

8. Maddy

9. Alina

10. Steluta Oprea



Congrats ladies <3










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  1. Ana-Maria says:

    Suflet, Inteligenta, Iubire 🙂


  2. Dinu Mihaela says:

    Grace,Class,Angel #DescoperaFrumusetea

  3. Gabriela says:

    Happiness, soul and love #DescoperaFrumusetea

  4. Laura Driha says:

    Love, smile and happy! #DescoperaFrumusetea

  5. Mihaela M says:

    Naturalete, zambet, atitudine #DescoperaFrumusetea

  6. Catalina Stoian says:

    Smile, character #DescoperaFrumusetea

  7. Diana says:

    joie de vivre, jeu d’esprit, kindness #DescoperaFrumusetea

  8. Andreea Voicu says:

    I think real beauty it’s describe by: happiness,class and personality! #DescoperaFrumusetea

  9. Roxana says:

    respect, fericire, iubire #DescoperaFrumusetea

  10. Crina Constantin says:

    Incredere, personalitate, iubire #DescoperaFrumusetea

  11. Georgiana C. says:

    #DescoperaFrumusetea Double-gorgeous, Love and Attitude

  12. Teodora says:

    Nature, Love, Happiness

  13. Edna says:

    funny, positive, optimistic #DescoperaFrumusetea

  14. clara says:


  15. cristina ds says:

    optimism, lumina si caldura sunt atributele frumusetii #DescoperaFrumusetea

  16. Maria says:

    bunatate, gratie si stil #DescoperaFrumusetea

  17. Denny says:

    Love, Compassion, Understanding #DescoperaFrumusetea

  18. Manea Carmen says:

    dedicatie, putere, dragoste #DescoperaFrumusetea

  19. dumitrache violeta says:

    Suras, Fidelitate si Pasiune #DescoperaFrumusetea

  20. Dana Dumitru says:

    Speciala, unica, fericita #DescoperaFrumusetea

  21. Roxy says:

    zambet,sinceritate,caritate #DescoperaFrumusetea

  22. miruna moldovan says:

    Siguranta, incredere, bunatate.


  23. Diana Achim says:

    Incredere – Zambet – Iubire #DescoperaFrumusetea

  24. Ad says:


    Grace, Kindness and Joy

  25. #Bunatate

  26. Paula says:

    Character, Grace and Love #DescoperaFrumusetea

  27. Diana Bogdan says:

    Graţioasă, blândă, inteligentă #DescoperaFrumusetea

  28. Oana says:

    Inima, bucurie, natural! #DescoperaFrumusetea

  29. Pace sufleteasca, incredere, pasiune pentru tot. #DescoperaFrumusetea

  30. Alexandra S says:

    Real beauty is joy, comfort, nature. 🙂

  31. Alexandra S says:

    Real beauty is joy, comfort, nature. 🙂 #DescoperaFrumusetea

  32. libertate, incredere, personalitate #DescoperaFrumusetea

  33. Catalina says:

    Atitudine, zambet si daruire. #DescoperaFrumusetea

  34. Alina says:

    Iubire, bunatate, zambet #DescoperaFrumusetea

  35. Roxana says:

    My vision of beauty is described by kindness, passion, confidence and intelligence #DescoperaFrumusetea

  36. Sabina Stanciucu says:

    Attitude, Fierceness, Poise

  37. Gherghel Andreea says:

    Eleganta, rafinament, naturalete, stralucire, fericire, iubire

  38. Andreea I. says:

    Peace, happiness and love #DescoperaFrumusetea

  39. Claudia Iancu says:

    Naturalețe, atitudine, autenticitate. #DescoperăFrumusețea

  40. Laura Andreea says:

    Iubire, Personalitate, Optimism

  41. ViataAreGust says:

    Diferita, Speciala, Iubita #DescoperaFrumusetea

  42. Cristina Sece says:

    Hapiness, tenderness, charisma, seduction. #DescoperaFrumusetea

  43. Monica says:


  44. Monica says:


  45. Diana M. says:

    Incredere in sine, delicatete, iubire #DescoperaFrumusetea

  46. Oana Iliescu says:

    Zambet, incredere, fericire.

  47. Simina says:


  48. Monica M says:

    Fericire – lumina – simplitate

  49. Laura says:

    Confidence, kindness, elegance #DescoperaFrumusetea

  50. PicincuHobjila Viorica says:

    #DescoperaFrumusetea gingasie

  51. Rodica says:

    Fericirea interioara iti reda frumusetea#DescoperaFrumusetea

  52. Anad Axela says:

    #DescoperaFrumusetea optimism, dragoste, altruism

  53. Ana Maria says:

    Frumusetea este iubire, incredere in tine, un suflet cald si curat. #DescoperaFrumusetea

  54. Cristina Soos says:


  55. Dana says:

    Goodness; refinement; attitude. #DescoperaFrumusetea

  56. Adela Pop says:

    bunatate, caldura si prietenie #DescoperaFrumusetea

  57. Maddy says:

    Whitty, spiritual and artisitic #DescoperaFrumusetea

  58. Hortensia O. says:

    seducatoare, discreta, iubitoare #DescoperaFrumusetea

  59. Iuliana Popescu says:

    pasionala, iubitoare, gratioasa #DescoperaFrumusetea

  60. gratia says:

    spiritul umorului, spirit de aventura, spirit liber #DescoperaFrumusetea

  61. AnaMaria says:

    o femeie frumoasa e in primul rand calda si zambitoare #DescoperaFrumusetea

  62. Danielle says:

    LOVE, ADVENTURE, SMILE #DescoperaFrumusetea

  63. CRINA OLINESCU says:

    candoare, suras, simplitate #DescoperaFrumusetea

  64. dana popa says:

    pasiune, stralucire, seductie #DescoperaFrumusetea

  65. dana popa says:


    dragostea e cea mai importanta. o femeie iubita e intotdeauna frumoasa

  66. Diana says:

    Unique,kindness and a sincere smile <3 #DescoperaFrumusetea

  67. Alina says:

    Elegance, love, kindness, good manners, independence #DescoperaFrumusetea

  68. Raluca says:

    iubire, armonie, simplitate

  69. Raluca says:

    iubire, armonie, naturalete

  70. Florentina says:

    creativitate, incredere, daruire

  71. Andreea says:

    Interior, pure,happiness,choice

  72. AlinaC says:

    Copila libera, naturala, sanatoasa si cu iubire de sine. #DescoperaFrumusetea

  73. Ela M says:

    autenticity #DescoperaFrumusetea

  74. Marieta says:

    #DescoperaFrumusetea care inseamna candoare, zambet si daruire

  75. AnaMaria says:

    Passionate, graceful and madly in love with her life.

  76. Steluta Oprea says:

    lust, love, youth

  77. candrea nadia alina says:

    feminitate, senzualitate, bunatate

  78. Adina Fiurdean says:

    incredere, intelepciune, feminitate

  79. Delicatete,incredere,pasiune,eleganta,particularitate #DescoperaFrumusetea

  80. Chirila Iuliana says:

    Trust, love and wisdom

  81. Roxana says:

    Real beauty in my dictionary means authenticity, creativity and harmony:) #DescoperaFrumusetea

  82. Irina says:

    Iubire, Prietenie, Familie, Autenticitate, Armonie #DescoperaFrumusetea

  83. Roxana Dumitrascuta says:

    Smile, pure and love #DescoperaFrumusetea

  84. Catalina says:

    frumusete inseamna empatie, caldura si dragoste

  85. ionela dragan says:

    love, smile, power #DescoperaFrumusetea

  86. adeline says:

    sensual, smart, confident #DescoperaFrumusetea

  87. monica dorobantu says:

    zambet, armonie, ,originalitate #DescoperaFrumusetea

  88. Gabriela P. says:

    love, friendship, femine #DescoperaFrumusetea

  89. Marie Simone says:

    inspiring, challenging, aventurous #DescoperaFrumusetea

  90. lacramioara says:

    #DescoperaFrumusetea cu prietenie, candoare si pasiune

  91. Crina Iosif says:

    puritate, simplitate, gratie #DescoperaFrumusetea

  92. mariana says:

    o femeie frumoasa e iubita, iubeste si e sigura pe ea


  93. Mihalache Maria says:


    love, glamour, role model #DescoperaFrumusetea

  94. Alina N says:

    Inteligenta, compasiune, empatie, simtul umorului, stralucire interioara,altruism.


  95. Barbu Brindusa says:


  96. Edina says:

    Naturalete, zambet, iubire, caldura, mister # DescoperaFrumusetea

  97. Ioana S. says:

    raw&edgy #DescoperaFrumusetea

  98. Adina says:

    Naturalete, iubire si demnitate #DescoperaFrumusetea

  99. Maria Ene says:

    Iubirea primita si daruita #DescoperaFrumusetea

  100. elena says:

    #DescoperaFrumusetea simplitate, respect, pasiune

  101. Carina Andrada says:

    Beauty is grace – in the way you handle your life and relationships with those around you,being kind to other and not expecting anything in return and loving – you have to love and respect yourself so that other can love and respect you.

  102. Raluca Anton says:

    Feminitate, Simplitate, Iubire

  103. nadia dima says:

    frumusetea inseamna gratie#DescoperaFrumusetea

  104. clara_fab says:


    inteligente and humor

  105. Lorena says:



  106. dana dumitrache says:

    caldura si pasiune #DescoperaFrumusetea

  107. Ionescu Denisa says:

    frumusetea e liniste interioara,de acolo porneste tot #DescoperaFrumusetea

  108. Magdalena says:

    asumare, verticalitate #DescoperaFrumusetea

  109. indira says:

    pasiune si iubire #DescoperaFrumusetea

  110. Rodica Florescu says:

    O femeie frumoasa e autentica si sigura pe ea #DescoperaFrumusetea

  111. Olive says:

    smile , love, passionate #DescoperaFrumusetea

  112. miruna cosmin says:

    pasiune si daruire #DescoperaFrumusetea

  113. Ilinca Grigore says:


    Iubire, Liniste interioara, Gratie

  114. Craciun Rita says:

    Love , smile and happy! #DescoperaFrumusetea

  115. Alexandra says:

    inteligenţă, naturaleţe, originalitate #DescoperaFrumusetea

  116. nastase gabriela says:

    soul, nobility, naturalness

  117. Alina says:

    bunatate, simplitate, gratie, farmec #DescoperaFrumusetea

  118. Anda says:

    minte, suflet si bunatate dominate de un zambet larg! #DescoperaFrumusetea

  119. Cristina Alina says:

    confidence, inner optimism ,being self-sufficient


  120. Cristina N. says:

    blandete, inteligenta, altruism, grija pentru corp, minte si suflet #DescoperaFrumusetea

  121. Maria Elena says:

    Frumusetea vine din interior.
    Dragoste, iubire, zambet din suflet #DescoperaFrumusetea.

  122. Kristine says:

    Frumusetea inseamna pasiune #DescoperaFrumusetea

  123. ionescu diana says:

    Serenity #DescoperaFrumusetea

  124. Mihaela B. says:

    o femeie frumoasa e o femeie implinita, iubita #DescoperaFrumusetea

  125. Ingrid says:

    real beauty has no definition. you just see it and you feel it and you know it’s true #DescoperaFrumusetea

  126. paula grigoras says:

    #DescoperaFrumusetea zambet

  127. Anka says:

    Passion and Love #DescoperaFrumusetea

  128. Geta says:

    proaspat,dragoste si bucurie#DescoperaFrumusetea

  129. Cristina Maria Moldovan says:

    Naturalete, unicitate, iubire

  130. Loredana_anca says:

    La multi ani, Ana !!! #DescoperaFrumusetea ar insemna o fuziune perfecta intre trup si suflet, inseamna echilibru, ingrijire, cultura. Asa vad eu frumusetea in minime cuvinte. Te pup !

  131. Lacra Lacry says:

    #DescoperaFrumusetea zambet, atitudine, vesel

  132. Ancuta says:

    O femeie frumoasa e echilibrata si implinita #DescoperaFrumusetea

  133. marga ilies says:

    liniste interioara si iubire #DescoperaFrumusetea

  134. Loredana Anghel says:

    respect, pasiune, clasa #DescoperaFrumusetea

  135. Aurora says:

    pasiune si dragoste #DescoperaFrumusetea

  136. Liliana Popa says:

    o femeie frumoasa e in primul rand implinita, iubita si apoi calda si luminoasa. #DescoperaFrumusetea

  137. lidia says:

    #DescoperaFrumusetea eleganta, respect, dragoste

  138. Eva says:

    beauty is love, power and independence #DescoperaFrumusetea

  139. Greta Voicu says:

    love conquers all 🙂 LOVE is the most important #DescoperaFrumusetea

  140. Paulina Florea says:

    In viziunea mea femeia frumoasa e optimista, calda si prietenoasa #DescoperaFrumusetea

  141. carmen movila says:

    pasiune in tot ce ne inconjoara #DescoperaFrumusetea

  142. Victoria P. says:


    candoare si stil

  143. savu andreea says:

    gratie, intelepciune, pasiune #DescoperaFrumusetea

  144. Ana Pascu says:

    #DescoperaFrumusetea iubire, zambet, pasiune, dedicatie

  145. Argentina says:

    femeia frumoasa e intotdeauna cu zambetul pe buze #DescoperaFrumusetea

  146. Ana Maria says:

    Fericire, naturalete, gratie si eleganta #DescoperaFrumusetea

  147. #DescoperaFrumusetea hashtag .O femeie frumoasa eeste o femeie implinita .

  148. Mihaela M says:

    Mulțumesc Ana☺M-am bucurat când am primit email ca am câștigat. Te urmaresc☺îmi place ce faci și îmi place atitudinea ta. Thanks

  149. Gherghel Andreea says:

    Multumesc Ana! M-am bucurat asa tare cand am primit mail-ul ca eu am castigat ca nici nu imi venea sa cred. Multumesc pentru cadou! Astazi am primit produsele, sunt minunate!

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