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19 February 2018 / By / 13 Comments

Well, I tried, I swear I tried. But it was cold like hell, I had a flu and the clothes which fitted me three months ago proved to be two sizes smaller than my present day size. Which truth be told turned my anxiety level to maximum. I mean, c’monnnn, I was just finished filming for Nunta cu Scantei, a project which beside taking over my whole life for 5 months, made me loose weight. That was one of the positive aspects. I was thin and almost presentable! But then, I got back to #theMoffice and I started ordering food for lunch. First sushi, a few days…because yeah, it won’t get me fat but then I passed on to pizza, pastas and all the junk food menu we all know I adore so much. And until you know it, I’m back, 4 kilos fatter and looking like a potato trying to squeeze itself into a yoga overall. 





I mean, of course we have tips&tricks; from needles&pins, to colleagues who fix me, dress me and Photoshop me. Of course the pictures will look nice, but what do I do with me? With how I feel, towards my physical image? Because nowadays, at 33 let’s say, I’ve discovered that taking care of myself is not on the bottom of my priority list anymore. And besides that, as much as I loathed it in the past & considered it a waste of time, as much I adore taking care of my body now, wrapping it in essential oils and treatments, discovering new techniques for making my skin glow and silky and selecting carefully and based-on-studies information which types of devices are fitted for my body/skin/face.





I owe this new way of respecting myself to one person. One person whom with her gentle way of being answered to all of my questions regarding everything related to beauty. From types of skin analysis to necessities adapted for every body type and need, to ways of thinking and respecting myself. I’ve met this brilliant woman at my first Morodan Digital Influencers Academy and I didn’t knew who she was. The first thing which stroked me was her impeccable figure. The second thing which made a huge impact on me was her calmness and femininity. I was almost sure that she’s a woman with very much time on her hands and that most surely she focuses on her and her aspect in 80 per cent of the time. But then I found out that she’s a full time entrepreneur, that she built an industry from scratch, she manages teams of more than 100 people and 100% of her time is involved in her business. I found out from somewhere else – because she never bragged or even hinted towards her lack of time or her constant focus on her business. And I know her for two years now and I met her many times and, unlike me, I have never heard her complaining. About anything. Never.


Many of you know her as Diana Baicu, the Ultimate Beauty Guru around. I know her as Diana Baicu, the woman who teaches me a lesson every time I meet her. It might be a beauty information, it might be a kindness act, it might be a gentle gesture, it might be an entrepreneurial advice or a networking done right. Fact is, Diana Baicu knows the secret of truly being a Woman. And I plan to learn this from her. 




Ludmila Corlateanu suit and corset – H&M necklace – MG fur – Miu Miu heels 

Photos by Nico Grigore – Shell from Uppercrazy



30s & Desperate will be a new column here on AnaMorodan.com. Naturally, because I’m not Diana Baicu. But I want to be at least a bit like her. Both figure and behavior wise. I am going to pass through all the stages of a beauty treatment for my body. From learning which type of beauty devices fits my body needs to the actual treatments. Because as you can see from these pics, I NEED IT. And you know that at 30s things are not going to fix by themselves, as they did in our 20s. 


So see you soon with my first adventure at one of the best beauty cliniques in Romania – Silhouette – Weight Loss & Beauty Center.



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  1. Diane Pon says:

    This is WOW!!! <3

  2. Mariana Popa says:

    Intr-adevar, dupa 30 trebuie sa avem mai multa grija de noi. Nici eu nu aveam nicio grija inainte si acum daca ma ingras 2 kg, imi trebuie 2 luni sa le dau jos.

  3. Fifi Gabi says:

    Prima poza este de revista, clar!

  4. Andreea Alexandra says:

    Totusi, tratamentele corporale nu cred ca functioneaza fara o dieta echilibrata si putin sport. sunt curioasa ce rezultate o sa obtii. Mult succes!

  5. Gina says:

    E splendid compleul. Imi place mult varianta cu funda. LOVE IT!

  6. Laura Lala says:

    Te-am vazut la “Prieteni..” cu scoica. <3 <3 <3

  7. Luminita B says:

    Eu nu stiu de ce tot zici ca esti grasa pentru ca arati foarte bine. Nu te ajuta deloc sa pui presiune pe tine in sensul asta. Organizeaza-te putin sa ai un regim echilibrat, plimba-te pe jos de cate ori ai ocazia si lasa problemele inutile. Tu ai cu siguranta mult mai multe lucruri bune de facut si de spus decat sa te chinui sa slabesti. Te iubesc asa cum esti! :*

  8. Corina Fifi says:

    naturala si asumata… Run the Wold, Girl!!!

  9. Camelia Dinu says:

    Mai, Morodan esti regina pantofilor, JUR!!!

  10. Kiki Kristina says:

    Deci prima poza e senzatie. Botticelli 3.0 :))))
    Deci n-ai cum!.. si contrastul cu ce e in spate… spectacol!

  11. Greta Cazimir says:

    Am descoperit-o pe doamna Baicu la tine si o urmaresc cu drag. E o femeie distinsa, rafinata si foarte fina. O admir si pe ea si pe tine.

  12. Jennifer Iorga says:

    Cata vreme ai un Claude care sa te lege si sa te dezlege si sa te faca sa arati bomba de fiecare data, ce mai conteaza cum arati?! :)) Lasa ca stii tu cum sa ne seduci cu carisma si cu mintea, nu cu trupul dezgolit.

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