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Victoria 46 interview and magazine


Ana for Victoria 46





Dear audience,

Today is a victorious day for me – yes, you guessed correctly, this is a day when I can brag about stuff, and being picked by Victoria 46 as one of their darling bloggers in the first issue of their magazine is kinda’ awesome!

Fashionary is Victoria Online ‘s magazine,  a report on trends, pictorials and fashion items. This is the first time they touched a topic like this and making me a part of it made my day.

I shared these pages with two women whom I admire immensely – Vicky Nicola – who is super amazing, inspirational and relaxed. The positive energy spreader kind of person. And Cristina Mazilu also known as Mazilique, Mazette, Mazeta, who is smart, stylish (I saw her, she looks veryyyParisian chic) and knows good food. I for one, I am keeping my man away from her! Of course, I’m kidding, she’s like the first blogger I’ve found in Romania, she inspired me to start cooking, she’s the devil! And I totally admire and love her.

Victoria 46 and Victoria Online are among every Romanian woman’s dream shopping destination. I am glad that they now have a magazine. I’m sure it would be as awesome as their selection of “must have” items!


We talked about what inspires us,  how we started blogging and about other new interesting stuff. Read the whole article on Fashionary.



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is



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  1. mazilique says:

    with <3 from Prague

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Mazeto, ai lasat tu si comment? This is a great day for since!

      Hai ca v-am vazut pe Facebook, sunteti cam bine 🙂

  2. Sanda says:

    Very cool Ana, arati splendid, sunt foarte fericita sa te vad cum “urci”! you are such an inspiration <3

  3. Rita J. says:

    LOVE your blog, so this only normal <3 Congratulations . I am totally mad about jewlry, we have that in common 😉

  4. NARCISA says:

    love how you look in those gorgeous colors Ana! Congrats with all my heart! Muah!

  5. ginutza says:

    <3 vicky nicola + ana morodan + victoria 46 ! felicitari adanci!

  6. Run Fot Your Style says:

    OMG i adorrrrre that skirrrrrt <3 <3 <3

  7. Yulia says:

    Hello! Your blog is so great, i recently discovered it! Congratulations for this press feature

  8. Soos Cristina says:

    You can brag all day & all year long! you deserve it you are awesome !!
    Congrads !!!!!
    Pupici :*

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