October 2015


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      Ce s-a inatmplat azi noapte nu mai are nevoie de nici un cuvant. Are nevoie de toleranta, ajutor, implicare, determinare si de lipsa `vorbitului degeaba`.    In urmatoarele 3 zile nu voi posta pe blog si in social media alt content decat cel pe care il consider de ajutor persoanelor direct implicate. Din […]

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Redesign YourSelf by Baneasa Shopping City – Episode 6

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    Things are starting to get serious around here. Check out the next phases everybody is going through.                           

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There`s a New Nation Rising

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  It`s the subject of the moment and I`m over my head too – did you see the crafting of the beaded pearl blazer?!?! #absolutelove. Predictably, I`m talking about H&MBalmaination,  H&M`s  new designer collab.       I think it`s their most glam and daring designer collaboration in the last 3 years and as you […]

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Watson my dear, in Today`s World City Break-ing is Elementary

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  Ntz,ntz,ntz, we`re not going to talk about bule. That`s scheduled for the next days. Because you know I appreciate humor and because..welll…I like bulele, a lot           Now, I`ve city break-ed in Barcelona with my friends last weekend. Although we all returned to Barcelona for work – technically Andreea, Alex and I […]

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Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere

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Morodan Shop dress – Hardot heels     Morodan, you love pumpkins because you have/ wear two all year along.    Well thank you Ovidiu. Maybe it`s because of that, or who knows, maybe it`s a detail I`ve obsessed with in another life, fact is pumpkins are my addiction during Autumn. I`ve searched for a few […]

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