March 2016

My Appearance on Romania TE IUBESC at Pro TV

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  Did you see me? A? I was invited to talk about my support towards Romanian clothing brands and why I choose to promote these the most. And of course, what everybody is interested in finding out, my signature style, the one they find extravagant and glamorous. Truth be told, sometimes I feel extremely basic […]

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Rock Tailoring

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If you happen to be in Baneasa Shopping City, you should pay a visit to Collective to check out the cool Rock Tailoring gadget by Boss Orange. If you play the mixing table, (cum ii zice la discul asta? Ca o masa de DJ? God, I`m old) you have the chance to WIN a trip to […]

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One Step Closer To Divinity

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    “What? What do you mean I don`t look like a Countess from the ski?!?”      “Morodan, fetito, you look so, soooo psycho!”   Oana Lupas dress – Vintage Baazar bag – H&M choker  Photos by Emil Costrut   Well, this just hit my top experiences list. It made me see clearly once again […]

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My March Press Clipping / Marie Claire Magazine

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  Marie Claire included me in their inspirational online influencers article and I couldn`t be more grateful. Thank you everyone at Marie Claire for turning a very gloomy March into one which made me smile.    The super talented Andreea Macri took my photo at the Morodan Shop showroom.      I`m wearing a Marie Ollie […]

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What `Get Specific About Your Goals` Actually Means

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Tria Alfa jewelry  Photo by Emil Costrut    When Corina called me and suggested that I should have an app I said No. I`ve told you. It was two years ago. I was not feeling it at all. Then she insisted and started to point out arguments. Pfff…why…why…why…?!?! I was feeling so tired and another […]

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