June 2015

Here, at the Morodan Corporation, We Roll With Canon

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  Photos, videos, fashion, my world. A world filled with exciting moments and adventures. Unique moments and adventures, because in what I do not a day resembles another. And they all must be captured and documented.   Here at the Morodan corporation all our gear is Canon and we are proud and extremely satisfied consumers. Being […]

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I`m a Tech Countess for #Countless Ways Of Working by Intel

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      My new professional life started as the first personal style blogger in Romania. That was 5 years ago. Today, I am an online entrepreneur and a public person. It was a long road, filled with moments when I had to work from basically everywhere. I blogged from the back couches of clubs, […]

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Social Places of Bucharest – Fratellini Bistro

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  Brace yourself  for this is my latest and obviously, newest and deepest social place.   Ingrid Vlasov blouse – Diesel jeans – Louboutin heels – traditional apron Photos by Mihai Dina     Not because it`s positioned near to my home – yeah, I know, almost everything happens in that area (you have no choice […]

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6 Things You Need This Summer

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  1. Humour – the power to not take yourself too seriously. For example, don`t think that everybody will look at or notice your belly or some untoned muscle. Put on a smiling sunny face, lift your chin, walk confident and even be a bit dramatic, it`s fun and refreshing and you`ll get the focus […]

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My Faith in Romania – Restored

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  I forgot my hair straightener at home so it would be best to ignore my hair today. It`s not even relevant. Ok, I admit, it`s relevant. An impeccable hairdo must be always relevant. Ohhh, when I remember the perfect moments I lived which were darkened only by the fact that my hair was a […]

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