December 2012

The Mexico Countess

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The Pyramid of the Sun – built by the Aztecs, one of the landmarks of humanity. It has 248 stairs. Serban climbed it, I, like a sedentary midget, abandoned it at half.  The dramatic Moo Piyasombaktul sunglasses from SunglassCurator. You first saw them last summer during my Kinder Bueno project.  I consider them fit for […]

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It was nice seeing you again AMSTERDAM

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For an authentic wasted look try not to eat/sleep properly and don’t use make-up for a total of three and a half days.  Voila, the successful result  So? Did you have a relaxing week? What did Santa bring you? Did you visit your parents? Did you have an artificial or a natural Christmas three? Did […]

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The Places that make you feel happy and positive

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 Find this Lena Criveanu dress on Molecule F © Serban Cristea   One of my biggest social pleasures is discovering beautiful places. From chic cafe’s (although I’m not a coffee fan) to fancy restaurants and belle epoque tea shops. Have you ever entered a place and instantly wowed? Each time I do that I feel […]

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5 THINGS that should be on your New Year`s Resolution list

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So tell me, did you start making your list for the next year? Well, I did. Although I’m not a big fan of these holidays (yes, I know that you know cause I’ve told you a trillion times) I love making this list every year. Sure that some points from it, like eat more green, […]

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The after ski party by Peroni Collaborazioni

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Darlings, this is the final point of  the Peroni Collabrazioni d’Inverno project – the after ski party for which all three teams had to design a versatile and elegant piece of clothing. This project will always remain close to my heart because I got the chance to meet inspiring people and professional teams. We had […]

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