June 2016

Before Hosting The ELLE Blogging Awards…

Morodan TV

Finally, finally, finallyyyyy I was able – well, technically Costrut was able to recover bits from the making-of video he filmed before Maurice and I hosted the first edition of Elle Blogging Awards.   Here we are, full of grace, as you know us. And with impeccable manicures, as always.      Thank you to my […]

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Cover Girl for ALTFEL Magazine

Living Art

  Thank you the ALTFEL Magazine team for choosing me as their June cover girl and for their outstanding professionalism.    Stefana Macovei thank you for talking with me and for your flattering words.      M.Marquise, Clara Rotescu, H&M dresses Photos by Cristina Ivascu   

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The Place Which Will Mesmerize Your Brain

Living Art

After finally returning to my usual (crazy) office schedule, I feel like I need a whole new vacation already. The #MAP planning brought Crizella out of me and she’s driving everyone (including me) crazy. So, during the 30 second breaks I allow myself once in a while,  I start thinking about the next vacation.   […]

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The Real Summer Travelling Essentials

Beauty Culture

  Well… I’m finally back! I wish I could say I took a long, well deserved break, but you know me, one of my favorite saying is “no rest for the wicked”…   Even  though my laptop was still glued to my hands non stop, it was cool to be able to work and ooookkkk, […]

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The Millennial Aristo Party #TheMAP

Living ArtLooksMorodan TV

  We are preparing our first and biggest event till now – in a secret garden with..oh wait, I can’t tell you just yet –  so stay tuned, click here on the 30th of June and get ready for the CRAZINESS      Check out my Facebook on Tuesday to grab invitations.       

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