Year: 2017

Before the Over & Out for the Holidays, The Answer to One of Your Questions

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  Exact, dar exact ca in fiecare an – nu stiu cum Doamne, numa’ mie mi se intampla (sau poate si altora, sper!) – cand toata lumea alearga dupa cadouri, cand toata lumea isi decoreaza casa pentru sarbatori, cand toata lumea are timp liber… ce sa vezi?! Eu, indubitabil, dar indubitabil in fiecare an, in aceste […]

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Memos on Upgrading Some Lifestyle Rituals

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Burnout This word, “burnout”, is becoming something I’ve been hearing more and more. I heard this word 213 times last week – yes, I counted. Why? Because it’s human nature to want to believe that there’s other people who experience the same kind of pain/drain/<whatever>, and knowing/believing that gives you force to push through it. And […]

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I’m 32 and This is my First Christmas – The M office

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Here’s an inside to fill you in. Now let’s move on…to getting it done, should we? As you all know, I’m a big home deco aficionado.  What’s this gotta do with Christmas and this tiny over-sharing of lack of happy Christmases drama? It does. Because Christmas and home decor have one special thing in common: […]

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Ramas bun ultimului Rege al Romaniei!

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Ramas bun ultimului Rege al Romaniei! Ramas bun ultimului simbol de noblete si decenta al acestei tari! Romania mea plange astazi!   Photos from the funeral by Nadina Campean   Mi-e greu sa-mi gasesc cuvintele, mi-e greu sa nu simt o imensa deznadejde, mi-e greu sa nu admit ca astazi, Romania in care eu am crezut […]

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This year, The M office will get a #BiggerChristmas

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I hate Christmas!    Well, not “hate”, but rather “strongly dislike”.  LATER EDIT: Ok, fine. I’m being overly dramatic. I don’t hate it, but I strongly dislike it. LATER EDIT 2: Maybe this year I don’t dislike it as strongly as other times       ? Because this year I am actually excited at the thought that […]

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