May 2010

Not so productive weekend


   .  . I’m so sorry , you probably hate me by now, or not, and I could stop just flattering myself that you’ve missed me 🙂 Well, let me tell you what I did this weekend…NOTHING:) I pretty much watched every single TV series, I was such a worn, stayed at home with my […]

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It’s like an echo in my head…


Stradivarius shoes, thrift skirt, H&M blouse  .  . I’m telling you guys…these days…ohhh I think someone put a spell on me, the weirdest things happen.Lots of hugs P.S. You guys are the best, thank you for the lovely comments

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Here is gone


Steve Madden shoes, DIY skirt, H&M blouse, Forever 21 statement necklace, thrift bag  .  . In case you are wondering…I’m madly in love with this blouse Yesterday was the first day when I finally felt a little better (didn’t last:() so my first action was taking my friend with me and go out…ohh I have […]

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look mom…

Living Art

I completely forgot to tell you…it’s the headache I know…the Spanish fashion site TUESTILISTAONLINE picked me to be the subject for their “Blog Hunting” section, how cool is that??? You can read the article...or just go and visit their site, which is very cool and fashionable. Here’s what they said. See mom… watching Spanish soap […]

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Sometimes the cool-est place is right in front of you…


   . No, this is not an outfit post I just wanted to share with you some pictures which I took this weekend during our wonderful trip to Sibiu, Romania. We went there to celebrate Diana’s birthday (if you are in some way confused Diana is the blond one of us, with that innocent and […]

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