November 2011

Logical wishing


Cos skirt, American Apparel blouse, vintage jewelry © Cornelia Gaie Dreams to come true, just dream, wishing on a star, are all fairy like sayings that make you believe and most of all motivate you to achieve what you wish for. In a more realistic and logical thinking we call it Law of Attraction. Well, […]

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I’m smart on Sundays


Snobbish Breakfast dress, mom’s fur, H&M hat, Vero Moda bag © Lightaholic  – Catalin Opritescu  If you knew that no one is judging you would you make the same choices you make on a daily basis? If you still did not find out about Lightaholic let me tell you something about him. He’s not gonna […]

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Step into my wardrobe


A few weeks ago I received in my inbox, a special/surprising email. It was from Iohanna,‘s PR. She told me that at 121 headquarters everyone reads my blog and besides that they love my style (she said that! ok?!) they also like the fact that it’s full of daily positive energy that people can […]

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Vanity, my favorite sin

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True Vintage dress, Nico’s gifted shoes  . © Chloé des Merveilles   That’s what one of my friends`s favorite sayings. I would add procrastination to my favs too. We’ll be talking tonight about mixing basics with trends at Moir concept store. Stop by if you wanna have a little fun with all the clothes and […]

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daily frustrations

Living Art

    Did you know that the third worse stress factor in the world for people is relocation and all the fuss and organization involved in it? I always hated moving, although until this year I only moved once, at sixteen , from my parents house to my own. Well, the universe gave me a […]

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