February 2015

Some Mantras Which Made Me Smile – and a Feature

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  I am wearing Smiling Shoes heels, a Fashion Days dress and an H&M necklace © Serban Cristea     I can finally show you these pictures we`ve made at the beginning of January. I literally frozeee but the dress was so glam and decadent. Stop it with the make-up, I was freezing, remember? My hand was shaking. And […]

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UBER landed in Bucharest and I was their Rider Zero

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I wore an Andra Andreescu full outfit Photos by Serban Cristea     Now how about this as a great news for Bucharest? Yes, you`ve heard it right, UBER just launched in Bucharest. As we all know and if you`ve visited cities like New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris and so, almost any big city around the […]

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My Cover for Noemi`s Book Cover Tee

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    I am wearing a Book Cover Tee by Noemi Meilman on a Lucian Borscatean pattern, Smiling Shoes heels and Cristina Savulescu feathers. Photos by Mihai Dina     Noemi invited me to be a part of her Book Cover Tee project again so I`ve chosen a quote from one of Rodica Ojog- Brasoveanu`s books – A […]

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The NN Beauty Journals & a Giveaway

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    Mes chers, let`s call today, Beauty Friday – just to celebrate the launch of the new beauty series on anamorodan.com   The NN Beauty Journals   I am proud to finally be able to speak about Romanian beauty products also. Remember Ana Aslan and Gerovital? Yes, they made our country famous in the 20th […]

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Social Places Of Bucharest – M60

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  Brace yourselves people, this is a historical day. Today you`re witnessing  what would remain in our history  as Morodan`s Greatest Outfit Faux Pas.  Watch carefully and file under: Never Apply.   Luckily, this post is about my list of Social Places of Bucharest and another cool spot on my list is M60     I […]

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