March 2017

Quick Memo

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Liu Jo outfit from Unic Brands Photo by Costrut   NEW OBSESSION ALERT! I’m watching FEUD right now, and ladies, it’s giving me life! Great intro animation, wonderful sets, incredibly talented actresses. Everything is jaw-dropping. And, as an added bonus (that’s really alluring to me) the plot gravitates around two crazy middle-aged women. #dead “What Ever […]

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A Dose of Reality

LooksLiving Art

Hello people and welcome to a dose of reality. After all, even air-headed countesses have days when they don’t look like an eschewed copy of… well, every day perfection.   So, this is an honest painting of me, getting ready for an event. And God knows this happens a lot. It’s chaotic, I run around […]

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#TheList – 5 Simple Tips to Keep it Sexy

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  Just to clear the air, sexy does not equate to platinum blonde hair, duck faces and silicone. Unless that silicone is in your ass and it looks like KimK’s! I’m joking ladies, you can put the pitchforks down and listen on. In all actuality, I feel like sexy has a lot more to do with attitude […]

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You Ruined My Effing Outfit Post!!!

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Zara outfit – H&M hat – Gucci heels – Lancel bag Photos by Costrut    Mannnn, I was planning to finally write something about style and fashion, and YOU had to ruin it with your anti-abortion protests! So HOW could I talk about anything else right now? How can any level headed woman allow herself […]

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Products Which Succeed In Empowering Us

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Yes, this is an advertorial for a new face cream that I’ve been testing out for the past couple of months. I’m very proud to speak about a new Romanian brand of creams that contains (drum roll please) VIPER VENOM. Yes, you read that right! The formulation helps your face muscles relax and it stimulates […]

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