August 2015

I`m on The Cover of Q Magazine

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    Well, what can I say? It`s like winning an Oscar? Who knows, I`ve never won one. But definitely it`s one hell of a huge and overwhelming feeling.          To be on the over of a magazine, that is. And when that magazine is a peak of excellence in its field, things tend […]

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Mademoiselle ANA – École de Beauté et Elégance – S 2 – Ep 2 – The Superstar Details

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    Two things changed in my tastes and lifestyle in the last year – My new Obsession for Art Deco ( goodbye for a while most adored Art Nouveau ) and My constantly growing interest in everything related to beauty and make-up. And I better invest time in this last obsession because things are […]

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Which Are The Style Details Which Make Your Style So Unique and Aristo?

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      This hot hot hot sun…Ohhh, how I wish summer to be gone and Autumn to be finally here #Drama #Drama #Drama    Now, you know, being a digital countess also implies responsibility. I visited the King the other day. Brought an umbrella with me. Laying in the sun all day may not […]

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Because My Followers Are Super Special

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    Now, this not just a `Daily Outfit` update – yeah, we have an outfit, you can see how I look today below. – But, But, Buttttttt,  this is Me bringing you, and only you some EXCLUSIVE takes from the September issue of ELLE Romania.   Because it`s pretty awesome to be the first […]

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But It Looks Better In Black

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    I swear to God I tried. I actually try everyday. Each morning when I step into my dressing room I say to myself: `Morodan, today is the day when you`ll find another obsessive color. One to replace Black.`   And I do find colors. And wear them. But not one gives me as […]

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