August 2010

From Arina with love


Remember this outfit? well, Arina made me an awesome gift that lil unappreciative me forgot to tell you about :(. I’m so in love with it :))) Love U buttercup/pukka :* Thank you

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the sense of nonsense


Zara shoes, DIY pants, Vila blouse, vintage jewelry and YES the obsessive hat:)) Photos by Cornelia Gaie    .  . I’ve told you many times about Cornelia, photography is her passion so obviously that she takes most of my outfit posts. There is one problem though…she is my friend also and we both have busy […]

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“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on. “


Zara shoes, pats thrifted, Zara vest, Accessorize necklace, H&M bracelets Photos by Noree Anne Celine  .  . Long time no see huh? And now I have to run again for a photo shoot:(. Ohhh look carefully at the pants cause they might be my autumn obsession ;). x

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Zara shoes, H&M dress, H&M blazer, Asos bag, vintage jewelry Photos by Patricia Imbarus  .  . “There’s always… a little truth behind every I don’t know a little curiosity behind every just wondering a little emotion behind every I don’t care a little knowledge behind every I don’t know a little pain behind every I’m […]

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I don’t fit in your world so stop trying to pull me in


Snobbish Breakfast dress and necklace   Photos by Patricia Imbarus      . So how was your Friday? Cause mine was ohh so full of adventure. We went in a town near by just to take some pics beside this wonderful fountain. Till there we almost had an accident/sang so loud that people where staring/ […]

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