July 2017

How DSLRs become Mjoyable for the Everyday Countess

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Here’s how the story went. I was babbling at the beginning of this year that some people I follow on social media have some uber cool pictures. And I was talking with Costrut trying to discover with what those pictures were taken. With a phone? Which one? With a camera? Which one? Clossy Mossy was […]

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Buh-bye,We’re Off to Dubai – Chapter 2

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  Hello Ladies of the Internet,   It is I, the Countess, penning another episode from #theMoffice Dubai Adventure. Today I’ll tell you how I almost ended up in an episode of Discovery’s “I shouldn’t be alive”.     The day started normally – that is, normally from a Dubai standpoint. Crazy pampered, with a […]

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How Do WE Move Forward?

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The operative word being WE. Us. Women.    The internet and technology in general is great for many reasons, however one rubs me just right in particular. Can you guess it? No? Maybe? Ladies, grab a glass of gin and allow me to explain.    Lo Spaccio overall – Fandacsia hat – SunglassCurator sunglasses – […]

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Debbie Millman is Coming to Bucharest

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Pe mine femeia asta m-a inspirat ceva incredibil! Debbie Millman este unul din cei mai influenți designeri și specialiști în branding si vine vara asta la București. Dacă sunteți interesați de design, storytelling și sfaturi despre cum îți poți construi o carieră de succes în ciuda fricilor și obstacolelor, hai s-o vedeți pe Debbie Millman […]

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Once and For All: Why I Will Never Be About Trends

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Morodan Shop dress – available at our showroom or at team@anamorodan.com   Ever heard me swooning over a new trend each an every season?     I don’t think so. It’s not that I don’t like fashion, don’t get me wrong, I love it just as much as the next fashionista. Howeveeeer, there’s a very, very, […]

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