June 2010

blueberry afternoons


Vila dress, Meli Melo necklace, some no name fedora hat, Zara shoes  .  . Told you the hat will become my newest obsession.Ohh before I go and kill myself (because of the recession of course) I just want to say thank you so much to the lovely Christina from “Where the wild roses grow” who […]

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Sitting down here 2


   . What did U do this weekend?? You guys should write me in your comments what are U doing , of course I like the fact that you constantly tell me that you love my outfits (I’m a narcissist 😉 I think we are all very much aware of that but I wanna know […]

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Maybe, just maybe, I could…


   . People this is the street on where I live…”very creative” I know. You must forgive me for not answering your comments or mails, truth is that I had the most hectic week everrrr!   .

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This is where I found you…


Zara shoes, thrift pants, Kashion blouse, vintage earrings  .  . I’m so in love with this weather…it’s windy but warm, love love love it Plus I’m wearing my new thrift treasure: the wonderful and obviously too big pants, I can feel that I will live in them this whole summer. Yes I’m aware that I […]

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I can hear the colors…


vintage bag, Kashion blouse  .  . Finally, I’m home…I got caught in a super storm and of course I’m all wet. Haw have you guys have been? What did you do this weekend? I met some nice ladies, Denisa from Fashion in my eyes and Alice from Dulapul Bunicii🙂 had such an amazing time:) they […]

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