November 2010

ten things you’ll never know about me


Zara boots, H&M cardigan, Asos bag, Zara cape © Flavius Veliciu  .  . 1. I like to eat…a lot, without preferences. 2. Sometimes, when I go to sleep at night I start dreaming about some urban fairytale. The fact that I’m 25 years old does not stop me! 3. I have a tattoo. I made […]

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imperfect, silly, hopeful, happy, dreamy


Steve Madden shoes, Snobbish Breakfast velvet pants, H&M blouse, vintage necklaces I finally did it ! I finally succeeded in taking some pics with the remote. I’m soooooo proudddd. I mean I never had the patience and calm to take pics alone until this Saturday. Got dressed up, took the tripod* and got out in […]

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welcome back patricia


Zara dress, Topshop belt, H&M cardigan, H&M bag, vintage earrings Photos by Patricia Imbarus P is here!!! I LOVE HER, she’s my fav kid ever. She just got back from Milan for a couple of days and we went for some girl talk, tea, gossip, in the city. I wish she could stay here:( but […]

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The Trend Boutique


Zara boots, Snobbish Breakfast skirt, H&M top, Topshop jacket, Vila necklace, vintage bag    © Flavius Veliciu  .  . Long time no see huh? It was a crazy and tiring weekend indeed. But I’m sure everything it’s going to be ok now. Why? Because I did what every reckless girl does when she’s sad or […]

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Why do I have my head in the clouds?


Zara shoes, Nasty Gal pants, H&M top, BIY blazer, Vero Moda bag Photos by Iunia Paul and Flavius Veliciu  . To Anonymous nr. 1: You asked about this bag, it’s from Vero Moda. To Anonymous nr. 2: I can not add you to my blog roll if I don’t know who you are. Ohh thank […]

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