September 2014

Colors Might Be The Next BLACK?

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I am wearing – H&M Studio boots, PNK Casual blouse, pants and vest, Celine sunglasses, Mono and Me, Brazilets and Societe Cerebrossa bracelets available at Societe and a Proenza Schouler bag Photos by Silvia Postolatiev in Milan       I am definitely a mono colored kinda fashion consumer. No, I am actually a black/white/grey […]

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He Smiled And All I Could Think Of Was `OH SHIT`

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I am wearing a PNK Casual dress and skirt, Brazilets lucky wish bracelets, Mono and Me and Societe Cerebrossa bracelets – all available at Societe ,  The Edgy Lady heels from Ana Morodan @  Smiling Shoes Summer Capsule Collection and Cartier Love bracelet Gucci, Dior, Prada and Tom Ford eyeglasses – all available at […]

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The List Of Links

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I am wearing Bensimon sneakers from Anastasia and The Funky Twins, a Zara dress and KVL bag and jacket Photos by Silvia Postolatiev  .  .  . Dear all of you who like the same things that I like, Here is a list of links that I found lately and which inspired me/made me smile/made me […]

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No Matter Where I`ll Be Some Things Will Always Stay The Same

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I am wearing an M.Marquise jumpsuit and a custom made head accessory Photos by Silvia Postolatiev in Milan  .   . Milan, Italy, pizza, meetings and most of all, the joy of synchronizing my trip with my friends`s  schedule so we can all hang out and have fun in some of Milan`s beautiful areas. At this […]

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In The Press – The Latest Press Clippings

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I have got my hands on the layouts of the latest press clipping about me and yes, here they are. The latest 2 pages article in The One Magazine was about experimenting a week without heels. If you`re going to ask me how was it, all I can say is that it was heavenly. Maybe […]

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