April 2017

What my TEDx Speech Was About

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Good day, ladies! I hope you’ll have a peaceful weekend with your loved ones and a chill holiday. Now that I got formalities out of the way, let’s dive in! So, I’ve got my hands on a few pictures from the TEDxAlbaIulia event. What a memorable conference to speak at! Everybody was SO friendly and […]

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How to Take The Awesome Street Style Pic


I hope that most of my fashionista colleagues have concluded by now that hitting gold during fashion week is not all glitz and glam. A 600 dollar splurge for an AirBNB, plane ticket and 3-5 crazy outfits won’t impress anybody. The only thing that is somewhat memorable (if you do it right) and that became a cultural phenomenon is […]

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The Naughty Routine of Devious Egocentrics

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I, the digital countess, hereby declare that I am thrilled about this cultural trend going mainstream. *shrieks with delight* And I hope the coming three weeks will quickly slide by, because I want to tell you about my latest endeavour! I think I might be developing a case of Stockholm syndrome. And in my head, this […]

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Costrut e pe Cale sa Isi Piarda Jobul

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Tineti-va ca scriu in romana. De cele mai multe ori suntem intr-o alergatura continua la birou. Grasutul echipei (asa il alintam, nu incepeti u discriminarea) – cel care ne face poze, nu Fitz – incearca din rasputeri sa ne mai invete cate un truc tehnologic in fiecare zi. Se plange NON-STOP de aptitudinile mele tehnologicesti […]

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Instead of Carrying A Bag Full of Cosmetics, WIN An Efficient One

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Valigeria suitcase / Zara dress / H&M belt / Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes thigh-highs     Hola people, We interrupt the daily programming (which has recently been “working on our new Morodan Shop” every time) to let you know that Ana — recte me, cause eu scriu aici, acum la 1.05 in noapte — […]

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