November 2014

Being Named The Ambassador Of Crisana Made My Day

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  I`ve been chosen to be the ambassador for Crisana, the part of the country where I come from. Actually, Arad, the city where I was born, is divided between two regions. Half of it is in Crisana, half of it in Banat. Well people, I am from the Crisana part of Arad #smile IUTTA initiated this […]

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Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes – The Autumn Collection

Living ArtLooks

    Et voila, the waiting is over. The new capsule collection from the Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes series is here. My Autumn line is focused on my latest shoes obsessions. As you will notice, I got over the stretch thigh-high boots and moved over to a more edgy cut. The booties and mules are […]

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The Portrait Of `Dorian Grey`

Living Art

    It was a gloomy Autumn morning when my path seemed to cross a beautiful encounter. It was the morning when I went to have my portrait painted. I armed myself with patience and cigarettes, knowing that the process will take a while. Little did I know that I will leave not only with […]

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Supporting The Healthy Means Of Transportation

Living ArtMorodan TV

  You know I am a big fan of  bicycles. Well, to say it correctly, I am big fan of retro/feminine bicycles and the idea of swapping the car for a bicycle. It`s so Parisian chic, don`t you think? When I was asked to support this new Pegas campaign along with Gojira, Iulian Tanase and Julien […]

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Outfit Of The Month For Marks & Spencer


    I forgoooottttt. I am such a lunatic. Got caught in my hectic life and completely forgot to document one of last month`s highlights. Marks and Spencer invited me to dress a mannequin for them and display it in their store the whole month. Thank you for sending me pictures with it (this way […]

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