November 2014

Baneasa Shopping City`s Scouting for a Stylist – Reality Show

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  I can finally reveal the surprise – Baneasa Shopping City created the first reality show on the internet around here and besides congratulating them for this huge project and this grand idea, obviously I am psyched to be its host. More than 500 people enrolled in the quest of proving they deserve to be a stylist […]

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5 Ways To Fake A Hot Body

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  Ohh well, sooner or later, we had to come to this. Because yes, there are those periods in our life when we just don`t like our bodies, aren`t they? I don`t know about you but I must admit, I had one of those moments – that actually lasted for a few months – when […]

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Tips & Tricks For Getting Things Done

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    They say the most powerful animal in the world is a silent smiling woman.  Allow me to rephrase that – the most powerful animal in the world is a silent smiling woman who owns a tablet that can find out what`s happening in Your tablet.   Well, well, well, a technological morning is […]

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Mademoiselle ANA – École de Beauté et Elégance – episode 2

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  Are you ready for another beauty lesson? I am becoming someone else. Three someone else-s sort to speak. This time we come with an added value. We tested the new L`Oreal – Exclusive Pure Reds Collection. You know, couldn`t resist, being this Red make-up lover… by the way, you can shop it in stores […]

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The 2 Standards We Should Search For In A Brand

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I am wearing an Andra Andreescu dress, Smiling Shoes heels and Laura 8 earrings Photos by Silvia Postolatiev       The reasons why I chose to speak with you about Wilde Olive – African Artisans are pretty simple and straight forward:   1. Because they are made from natural extracts and only by natural manufacturing ways – […]

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