November 2014

Stylist Contest by BSC – Episode 3

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  Episode 3 is hereeee. Let`s see how the contestants managed with their first task. Hm, hm, hmmmm. I`m kidding, I loved many of the outfits.                  

21 November 2014 / By / 15 Comments

We`re Seeing Better

Living ArtLooks

    Today, I am using the new Optiblu eyeglass frame selection as a metaphor for telling you that I am extremely proud of our generation. And I am extremely proud of the younger generations too. Not because of the recent elections but because we proved that we are not ignorant. We proved that we […]

19 November 2014 / By / 20 Comments

When The Video Era Gets The Best Of You, You Have to Perform Accordingly

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    You know, ever since I started creating video content I`ve noticed it…Maybe it`s because I smoke, I don`t know (yes, I am a smoker, no I am not sorry, no I don`t feel bad, no to ever argument, let`s move on). Yes, I`ve noticed that my teeth are not That white like those […]

19 November 2014 / By / 17 Comments

Hotel Particulier by I.D. Sarrieri Is Ready To Come Alive

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I am wearing I.D. Sarrieri lingerie © Serban Cristea         You know, it happened to me too. I never thought it will but it did. Maybe because of the daily hectic life. Maybe because of the chic but sometimes uncomfortable outfits which made me desperately desire comfortable home wear, maybe because I just […]

18 November 2014 / By / 24 Comments

Baneasa Shopping City`s Styling Contest – Episode 2

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  I promised I`ll be back, didn`t I? Here it is, the second episode of Baneasa Stylist Contest  It`s time to find out which one of them made it to the next phase so press PLAY. Muahh      

14 November 2014 / By / 27 Comments