September 2016

What Tops an Haute Couture Dress?

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And when I think about the fact, that, not so long ago, I was dreaming of purses, shoes, jewelry (well…I’m still dreaming about lots of diamonds), hats, scarves, dresses and…more dresses. Well, burnout or not, my supreme desirables today are all about silence, serenity, nature, a relaxing massage, tea, walks in the forest as many […]

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7 Things You Simply Must Do While Travelling on a Boat

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PNK Casual fishnet dress & white blazer – H&M white lace blouse and fringe skirt – Dole&Gabbana wedges     Being on a boat for a week has its perks. You learn things. About the sea. About nature. But mostly, you learn things about yourself. Let’s say… you become more resourceful.    I came back from […]

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Bucharest Street Festival was all about Eat Now, Diet Later

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Well, my diet went for the 832’th time down the drain. And this time I didn’t feel guilty at all. The Bucharest Street Food Festival was absolute bliss. They say you need to look at food as something you need to survive and be healthy. True. Partially. We also need to see food as one of […]

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There’s a Home for Everyone. Even for The Craziest Dolls

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Tennessee Williams once said We are all sentenced to solitary confinement inside our own skins, for life. Then  Maya Angelou came and hit the bull’s eye. The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.     The search for a […]

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De ce Zboară Vrăjitoarele pe Cozi de Mătură?

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De ce zboara vrajitoarele pe cozi de matura si alte 10 intrebari fantastice O carte pentru oameni mici si mari. De Adina Rosetti.     Ce-ar fi dacă Făt-Frumos ar renunţa la calul său care mănâncă jăratic în favoarea unei maşini? Dacă spiriduşii ar merge la şcoală să înveţe matematică şi dacă balaurii şi-ar uşura […]

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