May 2015

Great Things Happen at The Palace. The Noblesse Palace that is

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Clara Rotescu dress, Malvensky necklace, Topshop necklace Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu at Palatul Noblesse – Centru de Arte si Evenimente   You know, being a millennial countess has it`s perks – like being invited to have tea at the palace and be the one to visit and talk about the first Matisse exhibition in Romania.  The […]

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Down The Memory Lane – A Coffee Please. Urgently

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    Boy, I really need a morning like the one we spent at the Saeco event. Actually, I kinda desperately need a coffee right now. A strong coffee. I went to bed with one too many tiredness vibes and late planning meetings so I`m kinda beat. All that I have to do now is […]

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The Daily Helpers and Your Chance to WIN a Brunch with Me

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    Dear all, that`s Me, like Now. Well, 40 minutes ago actually. I`m in Mamaia for a cool project and I`m doing this almost live posting thing because I want to talk with you about a daily aspect of our routine life which is starting to become more and more impactful in our lives […]

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What Women Really Need…Besides A Pair of Killer Heels

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  yes, I still listen to Sandra, I`m an 80`s chick, leave me be.       What Women Really Need…Besides A Pair of Killer Heels – an investigation concluded during my adventure in Thailand   Nope, no, no, no, not Men. Although, don`t get me wrong, men are great. Keep them coming cause we […]

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12 Things to Keep in Mind This May

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I am wearing a PNK Casual blouse and skirt, Bensimon sneakers, a Cartier bracelet and a Parfois necklace Spektre, Max Mara and Fendi sunglasses – available at Optiblu Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu     The following aspects are matters of the mind and soul. And must be assimilated with attention and dedication (talking for myself here).   […]

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