May 2015


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  I case you needed one more here`s another reason why Women are HEROES              

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#SustinLGBT #Bucharest Pride

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      I was aiming to write in Romanian but this is a subject I want everybody to understand.   Ever since last year`s Pride I was setting my goal to become an avid supporter of this cause. I firmly believe in freedom of being. I firmly believe in equality. I firmly believe in […]

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Is Power Dressing a Thing?

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Nissa blazer and  pants all available at Fashion Tribes – Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu Make-up by Andreea Ali     I most definitely think so. And I will continue to think like this until the end of time. No matter about fashion, trends or even style. Because power dressing my […]

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That Summer Feeling has a Taste

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Bensimon sneakers (Anastasia and the Funky Twins) – Murmur kaftan – Celine sunglasses from Optiblu Photos by Valentin Denis   I was living in Bucharest for a few months when I went to this rooftop soiree. A New York-ish vibe, the wonderful view, stylish people and this special bright orange drink everybody was holding in their […]

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The Latest Press Clippings

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  Monday morning. The usual stress of the beginning of the week. But I`m decided to start it in a positive way with two of my latest press appearances – The Beau Monde  article and the CSID beauty habits feature.   In Beau Monde I`ve talked about how life feels at 30. A good chance for me to […]

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