May 2015

Social Places of Bucharest? Nope…of CLUJ

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  You know, being friends with a food aficionado has its perks. Mazetta told me about this new place which has opened recently in Cluj. – You`ll love it, it has a spectacular design. She said. And then started talking for a hour about the food they serve. Because you know,  I am renowned for […]

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Faptele pe care Nu le Vom Uita Niciodata

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    Aici m-au facut Soim al Patriei. Aveam 3 ani, acelasi breton si nu stiam sa pozez. Daca ma uit la fotografia de la importantul eveniment, mi-e clar ca nu aveam chef sa fiu acolo. Era primavara devreme, frig si ceata. E prima mea amintire de la Paulis. Paulisul e foarte aproape de Arad […]

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The Clever Minions of In Style Travelling

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  Cluj are you ready? `Cause I`m on my way to you for a very dear project.  Let`s cut straight to the chase because this is important. The kind of exhilarating and lifestyle changing important. I don`t know about you but when it comes to travelling and packing, no matter how many How To articles […]

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In Case You Need a Reality Check

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Clara Rotescu dress Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu at Palatul Noblesse – Centru de Arte si Evenimente     Dear all, iLUX invited me to pick a few clocks I like from their shop. Funny, the invitation came right in the period of my life when I thought that I actually don`t have Time for basically anything… Anartidee […]

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And You Thought I`m Not Into Sports…

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  Here`s how it all went down:   On a sunny day  last week I received the new Intel Wearables: SMS AUDIO BioSport.- just because everybody learned about my Limitless program training and were extremely excited for me finally started to give up being a couch potato. So they wanted to be supportive. Action which I […]

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