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16 May 2015 / By / 18 Comments

Ana Morodan


You know, being friends with a food aficionado has its perks. Mazetta told me about this new place which has opened recently in Cluj.

You`ll love it, it has a spectacular design. She said. And then started talking for a hour about the food they serve.

Because you know,  I am renowned for always ordering the last delicious dish from every restaurant/bistro/cafe I go to, so my main focus is the design. If I`m shit at identifying the Yum, at least it has to be a chic place.

I`m in Cluj since Thursday so naturally, I went straight at Cabinet de Vin&Cocotte.


Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan

Ana Morodan


Got a little psyched about this place. I`ve been eating here for the last 4 days and guess what? I even topped myself at ordering food because everything is delicious. And that`s because the menu was conceived by Dragos Tudoran – one of the most refined chefs in Romania and one of my top 3 favorites.

The decorations and their attention to details along with the nice staff made me talk about Cabinet de Vin&Cocotte with everybody around me. I even told my friends from Bucharest that we should road trip to Cluj for a dinner here.


Ana Morodan


Dear Cabinet de Vin&Cocotte,

Rock On and keep on indulging us with memorable social moments


Ana MorodanZarug dress, Cartier bracelet, Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels, Italian Vintage brooches

 © Serban Cristea at Cabinet de Vin&Cocotte









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  1. Edna says:

    This dress is simply amazing and the place looks absolutely extraordinary

  2. oana adam says:

    eram sigura :)) locul e intr-adevar deosebit iar mancarea e delicioasa

  3. Kylie says:

    great photos, I love them

  4. Ioana Irina says:

    Social Places of Cluj, finally, yeeeeeey

  5. Elena Ilie says:

    arata foarte interesant acest restaurant si chiar cred ca merita un drum pana la cluj. macar pentru designul extrem de inspirat

  6. laura love says:

    you look great in this place, like you part of a secret society 😉

  7. Otilia says:

    Love the back of the dress 😉

  8. Pal Silvia says:

    eu locuiesc in Cluj si nu stiam de locul asta :)) abia astept sa-l incerc

  9. la_bella_contessa says:

    love the last photo

  10. Maria says:

    My favorite place ❤️

  11. Lucia B says:

    Mancarea e foarte foarte buna si Dragos Tudoran e un super chef 😉

  12. kiki says:

    i love this ‘social places’ column

  13. Andra says:

    Abia astept sa merg si abia astept sa vad ce ne mai recomanzi la aceast rubrica

  14. Iulia Mircea says:

    Rochia e splendida si iti vine perfect

  15. catalina says:

    ma bucur mult ca ai inceput aceasta rubrica si in alte orase. te urmaresc de cativa ani si te admir. te asteptam cu drag si la Sibiu 😉

  16. Lady Di says:

    Amazing styling ❤️❤️❤️

  17. silvia udrea says:

    O sa merg neaparat, saptamana viitoare am o deplasare la Cluj 😉

  18. Rox says:

    That dress is amazing! I wouldn’t wear all those brooches though…but…they are so you and the whole look is great 🙂

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