Year: 2010

This tiny obsession


vintage skirt, H&M shoes, I become ADDICTED blouse, Asos necklace, I become ADDICTED bag, NY fur collar, Zara coat    . I told you last summer that I’m madly in love with stripes! Well, as you can see it’s more like an obsession cause I didn’t gave up on them not ever in winter. I […]

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Living Art

  Since you all asked me to take some pics of my apartment here they are. Some little glimpses. Here is still raining and in this particular moment I feel the urge to run and eat some junk. Don’t know why I told you that but now you know.

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BLAIR IS THAT YOU? Nahhh it’s just job outfit nr…something


Zara coat, H&M blouse, vintage bracelets, Topshop skirt Photos by Cornelia Gaie As you might have noticed the pics are from a while ago :d. It’s still raining here so from now on be prepared to see lots of interior pics. Well, now I’m going to take my pink umbrella, get in the car, and […]

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That pinK thiNg


Topshop skirt, vintage belt,Da Capo body, H&M bag, H&M earrings and bracelets Photos by Iunia Paul @ KF and home (I don’t dress like that in public places, chill people;))  . Since I’ve just arrived home a few moments agofrom a verrryyy tiring trip and I feel that I just wanna lay in bed for […]

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I’ll give you THE KEY to my safe deposit/castle/wardrobe


   . Ok , so here’s the truth…it rained all week and I was lazy and the light was poor so I didn’t take any outfit pics, instead I made some collages with my fav outfits until now :d Well, I didn’t use “fairy like” for a while now, I’m making serious improvements in the […]

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