Year: 2010

The growing up process


Topshop leather skirt, Queen’s Wardrobe blouse, vintage and Mango necklaces  . Well, hello people, how is the weather where you are? Cause here it’s officially too cold. I’m trying to convince myself to go out cause I have some last minute errands to do before I leave from this frozen city to another hopefully not […]

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Waiting for the postman

Living Art

I’m so so boreddddd! I have to stay home and do exactly what the title says, wait for the postman! But when I think about what he is going to bring me it will be all worth it. I’ll show you :). If he would only come sooner .

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Zara boots, Zara dress, H&M blaze, I Became Addicted studded vest, vintage scarf Photos by Gabriela Sava

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Excited or Not so??!

Living Art

I don’t know what to say about this holiday. Some of my friends call me The Grinch during Christmas time. For what it’s worth I made a Christmas tree :). Glittery holidays guys.

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No, I’m not the same


Stradivarius shoes, vintage dress, Accessorize necklace © Flavius Veliciu Thank you Stef Z for writing me that and thank you to all of you who left me the cool-est mails and comments regarding my last post.    

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