Year: 2010

Crazy carousel


 .  . I finally got my head straight and set up some goals for this year, no I’m not crazy I’m just a little bit lazy:). So anyway here it goes…ohhh just a second I can find the list, ok ok got it… 1. Learn for my exams 2. Try to find somebody who can […]

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Something old..becomes new again


 .  . I was watching through my last summer pictures and I found this set of photos.I remember when I bought these heels that I was thinking to wear them with socks in the winter but I completely forgot about them. .I fell in love again and now I’m thinking about new outfits with which […]

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Love Philosophy


Zara cardigan, H&M blouse, H&M Jeans and  necklace.

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Hello World


    So I finally decided to share my thoughts and feelings about fashion,the way I live and all things I consider fascinating with the world. Nevertheless my blog will be a place where I can post my day by day outfits, and I really hope that you can stop by and tell me what […]

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