November 2015

At Your Service – A Webseries About a Mad Countess and Her Naughty Butler – S1.Ep5

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    Guess what? This prick, my butler Tudy just came back from his usual Autumnal vacation.          .           .

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“I Suppose that’s Better than Blaming Bad Judgement and Gin.”

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    Nope, this little Chinchilla was not harmed * however, you have to agree -> I can be majestic playing Cruella de Vil  A millennial Cruella de Vil. And as a millennial, I`ve enlarged my range of action far more than dalmatians.      ~What Cruella does best is combining simple pieces with statement […]

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Life Update nr. 468228

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Tria Alfa earrings – Zara dress        I`ve been constant Life Updating you lately. It`s starting to be pretty hectic around here these days. This picture is from last week when I was invited to talk about what Luxury means for me at the Luxury PR Classes held by Mihai Dan Zarug at Naked Pr. […]

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I`m HOSTING and PRESENTING the BEAU MONDE Celebration Party

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        I am beyond honored and anxious for Wednesday evening. I CAN`T WAIT. We`ll have fun, we`ll make the night unforgettable  and of course, we`ll laugh. Got to start thinking about the dress. Dresses?!?! No, dress. Dress. One dress. Let`s not go overboard here. #OR SHOULD I ?     Oh, and all […]

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Life update nr. 468227

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Stephan Pelger necklace Photos by Anca Cheregi        This Autumn is perfection. Melancholy at it`s best.      I`m currently hosting Shop my Wardrobe at our offices and I`m glad to see you ladies. I`m also enjoying your treasure hunting. I know the feeling      So this evening, after the event is over I plan […]

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