November 2015

Us Capricorns

Living Art

Le Midi necklace  Photo by Silvia Postolatiev         No matter what happens we always give the vibe that we can take the world all by ourselves.   A Capricorn chooses no sides. If you are wrong they have no problem in telling you.   Capricorns love simple things. Funny considering how complex their […]

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When You Triple The Lifestyle Inspo

Living Art

    I have moments when I ask myself how can these people pull this off. You have to be really organized, to be able to work over time, to focus your entire information on purpose, to get informed daily…and we have to not just admit they are highly professionals but to value that we, […]

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Redesign YourSelf by Baneasa Shopping City – Episode 8 – The Shopping Session

Living ArtMorodan TV

    Now that I think about it, it would have been a better decision to participate in this reality show than to host it. I mean…health classes, nutrition, self-trust academy classes, sports, make-up, wardrobe cleaning, spa day and now shopping sprees??!?!                           

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3 Style Tricks Which Saved My Make-up Failure Days

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Nita Sao hat – Le Petit Indigent dress        You know me,  I`m a `make-up genius`. Some days…well, lets put it this way: I`m too lazy to even start applying foundation. Not lipstick, red lipstick is On even when I sleep. Yes, I`m an idiot.  Well, in those days when I basically look like shit I`m […]

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Postcards for When I was Travelling Around Europe with One of My Love Brands

Living Art

  Sharing the memories...lately I`ve developed this habit of collecting moments in my laptop also, not only on social media. Since the blog is still my favorite mean of communication I wanted to do a recap of this Autumn`s adventures I lived with Huawei – one of my  love brands when it comes to technology. […]

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