Year: 2010

meet the cat – SUper

LooksLiving Art

 .  . Don’t mind me people, carry on with your lives, I’m just learning all this new tech stuff and trying not to go completely mad… Note to self: never try this s…t EVER BY YOURSELF, ok ok I’m joking, it’s not that bad if you are very patient, calm, and don’t get all fussy […]

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Sunny grounds


mom’s purse, “I live in a fairytale” dress from my line, Asos bracelet  . This is me(not hard to guess since most of my blog is full of egocentric expressions of myself:)) anyway moving on, this is me going shopping for some plants for my porch, cause I wanna make it fairytale like(I do have […]

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There was a time…


H&M headband, Topshop cardigan, Forever 21 top, H&M belt      . when I was completely obsessed with fantasy headbands, these was last spring. It where the IT item for me and they became my label, sort of red lipstick now. I’ve began buying them franticly, creating them and now I own more than 20 […]

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Star Light Love


Zara coat, Wolford tights, Zara shoes, Fifi’s fun dress, H&M belt, H&M bag    .  . I’m on my way to an art opening just bought a new camera so now I’m trying to accommodate, I really hope spring will be here soon because it’s very cold and windy and despite the fact that I […]

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