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I finally got my head straight and set up some goals for this year, no I’m not crazy I’m just a little bit lazy:). So anyway here it goes…ohhh just a second I can find the list, ok ok got it…

1. Learn for my exams

2. Try to find somebody who can teach me how to use my camera

3. Finish decorating my shabby chic house

4. Smiling more often

5. Start practicing yoga on a daily basis

6. Watch more beautiful old movies

7. Not spending so much money on clothes (aaa NOT GONNA HAPPEN)

8. Being more grateful for what I have

9. Showing my appreciation to the people that are close to me

10.Loving life

I have 7 more points but I really have to go to sleep because tomorrow morning my boss/friend or friend/boss will kill me If I’m late for work:( It’s hard work this grown-up thing.

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