Year: 2018
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#TheMofficeShow – Morodan TV’s first big project – #PeSex

Living ArtMorodan TV

Do you remember a while back when I told about Morodan TV? Well, its time has come. Our own reality show will air this March. I wish I’d say I am thrilled but right now I am still trying to understand why do we need so many cameras and microphones and osmo’s (wtf is an […]

22 February 2018 / By / 7 Comments
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30s & Desperate – The Trigger

Beauty CultureLooks

Well, I tried, I swear I tried. But it was cold like hell, I had a flu and the clothes which fitted me three months ago proved to be two sizes smaller than my present day size. Which truth be told turned my anxiety level to maximum. I mean, c’monnnn, I was just finished filming […]

19 February 2018 / By / 13 Comments
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Internet’s Inspiring Insights

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Efemere cardigan with paintings by Hamid Nicola Katrib printed on silk – H&M dress – Miu Miu heels  Photos by Nico Grigore at Chaya Tea House    People, not a huge list but the 3 internet gems found since we last spoke on the matter     Farnam Street – This is THE REAL DEAL if you’re […]

12 February 2018 / By / 8 Comments
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Here’s Why Attitude is more important than IQ

Living Art

Told you I’d be back to tell you about my pottery activity. I know you waited, loading, refreshing…I know. Admit it! No? Like NO? Like YOU DONT CARE?!?! C’monnnnnn! I know you do! Anyways, here’s what  we have on the menu today.  So, after implementing meditation in my daily routine, the second thing I did was including […]

10 February 2018 / By / 13 Comments

Confession Nr. 5

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 Have I ever told you that each year, both in January and around my birthday, I visit tarot readers, aura reading and reiki specialists, even bio therapists? I can’t remember. I may have. I’ll ask my fortune tellers.     So, this is what I’m freakin’ doing each year. I say freakin’ because some of […]

6 February 2018 / By / 7 Comments