March 2017

The M Approved Hangover Essentials You Need to Know

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I was planning to write something deep and meaningful. I drew up a sketch  of  some introspective philosophy to fit ‘the drama’ of the pictures. But I swear to God, I tried to churn every little gear in my head and I can’t come up with anything valid. Nada.      That’s why I’m gonna […]

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Why I love Other People’s Kids but I don’t Want to Have my Own

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Mara & Ioana Coman and Sasha Badiu and I, all wearing H&M outfits  Photos by Costrut in the attic of Voila (one place you should really check out)   First of all, because other people’s kids come to visit and don’t stay forever.  But also because:   I have a beautifully wide variety to chose from, […]

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