March 2017

3 Items That Make You Instantly More Attractive


Costri shot a few candids of me, as part of his unfolding project. Seeing them made me realise, yet again, that fashion and style is  a transformative and revealing affair. To someone that has an eye for it, like I do, it’s the most honest and sincere form of introduction.   I don’t know whether I’ve changed that much […]

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#TheList – 5 Morning Habits Of Successful Women

Living ArtLooks

In case you’re wondering, I have a new morning routine. No, ladies, I won’t bore you with that youtube-esque “morning routine”. I mean, who wakes up wearing a flawless application of makeup besides Argentinian soap opera characters? I can’t even be bothered to wear anything else than pyjamas before 11:59 AM. Anyways, back to that thing […]

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To The Women We May Have Forgotten To Say ‘Happy Woman’s Day’

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For all the women we’ve seen yesterday, women we’ve forgotten to congratulate, most likely because we’ve been too busy thinking about those in our lives. For the women who were up and ready at 4am so that we could buy gorgeous bouquets. We thank you, dear florists!    Lo Spaccio dress – Louboutin heels – Falke […]

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On this 8th of March You’re Invited at the Morodan Chateau

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  On 8th of March, let’s match cause we’re too much! We’re funny as much. We’re buddies as much. We drink as much. We want as much. We succeed as much. On 8th of March, we celebrate as much… with gin, laughter and empowering stories.   @Morodan Chateau, starting with 7 pm. Hurry and send […]

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Thought of the Day


Guess outfit from Unic Brands Photo by Costrut   If you ever feel powerless, just remember that a single one of your pubic hairs can shut down an entire restaurant.  

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