August 2016

One More Reason to have a City Break in Transylvania

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This August you can visit Casa Kraus and admire more than 20 Rembrandt sketches.   Can you fell the Harry Potter stunt here? Did I succeed? Is it obvious? No? Ok, fine. I’ll stop with the cryptic metaphors… Clara Rotescu dress – Laura 8 chocker – Dolce&Gabbana wedges  Photos by Emil Costrut at Casa Kraus   This August you […]

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It’s a FITZa World

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  Draw me like one of your French girls, Morodan! Oh wait, the only thing you can do is take selfies…Nereusite si alea I would say…    

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A Festival Like a Holiday

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It was at the Stirbey Palace, organized by one of my love brands, so I clicked Going in response to the event invitation and rescheduled my city break for this weekend. Looking back, two days after this festival, I`m sure I`ve made a good decision because this Summer Well edition really felt like a holiday […]

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Notes on Being a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons


Cluj turned their swans into flamingos. I had to.    Lo Spaccio dress – Elisabetta Franchi heels from Lala Boutique – Tria Alfa earrings  Photos by Emil Costrut    Be a Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons   This saying may get a YES, if we think of it as an advice for ladies being […]

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How My Approach on Spending Money Changed in the last Years

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I had the chance to meet to president of  Morgan Romania. It was one of the most serene and fascinating meetings I had lately.    A few years ago I was all about ‘Oh, I have to work and make money to buy the latest Celine IT bag. I have to work and make money to […]

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