August 2016

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We did. Didn’t we? 

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Untold. The Aftermath

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 I’ve heard that the people who organize this festival are about my age. Well, I send them my profound admiration and respect. Big up for the impeccable organization of a huge event. I didn’t see drunk people (except for me), never heard about any conflicts, no trash on the premises, everything handled with common sense […]

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Daily Note

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Jessica Chastain scoring it in the last issue of Porter.   

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Stay Open-Minded

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It was a combination of: their motto – Stay Open-Minded, of this & this, there was a Lord involved, pears (which I like better than Apples*), lots of different characters and a Premium drink.   Obviously, we had to have our own vision of those distinctive and positive Somersby stories. After all, this special cider is really meant for […]

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3 Ways In Which I Plan to Declutter my Home


3 Ways In Which I Plan to Declutter my Home and Why is this Important   When I first heard that I need to declutter my home and relationships to achieve the success I want in business and personal life, I admit, I was a little skeptic. Then I thought about how much I want […]

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