September 2015

At Your Service – A Webseries About a Mad Countess and Her Naughty Butler – S1.Ep4

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    And right when I left for Berlin last week…Tudy had to go and bring my favorite luggage from   Here`s how it all went down                    

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Morodan Shop Online Sales Party

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  Have you ever been to an Online Party?  We haven’t so that’s why we decided to throw one. Since this is our first, it is not a regular party, but a special one and it’s main theme is SALES. Yes, you are reading right   Our most wanted Morodan Shop Items are now at […]

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That Time When Things Went Crazy

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        A few months ago I was in desperate need to take some dance lessons for a project which will air this Autumn. I chose one of the coolest dancing places in Bucharest – Arthur Murray – and I went. Well, technically I arrived first and tried to have a one hour lesson. The […]

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My Issue With The Exclamation Mark and The Most Inspiring Links of The Week

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        IF I SEE ANOTHER EMAIL BEGINNING WITH A WORD AND TRIZILLION DOZENS OF EXCLAMATION MARKS AFTER IT I`M GOING TO LITERALLY TURN INTO A PSYCHOPATH    What`s wrong with you people? Why are you so hysterical?    Or I may be the one with a problem…I`ve come to dislike this sign so […]

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Here`s to The Real Life Fragments

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    As you`ve seen lately I“m updating you with real life fragments also. I mean, elaborate shootings are tha bomb, but life is not all about that. It`s like that prick Wang* said: `It`s how you behave and what you wear in your days off that are the most reveling.`     .   […]

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