March 2015

What Happened in My Life These Days

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I am wearing a PNK Casual dress and Laura8 earrings – in a setting with pillows Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu       This was last Friday, right now I`m here, picking some outfits for my next adventure.   Here`s what happened in my life these days     I`m waking up at 7 am daily […]

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The Place You`ll Never Forget

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    “Country things are the necessary root of our life – and that remains true even of a rootless and tragically urban civilization. To live permanently away from the country is a form of slow death.” ― Esther Meynell     I am wearing a Simona Bejan wedding dress and a Marcella hat © Serban Cristea […]

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On Women`s Day I Wish For Us…

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  Today, I wish that each one of us women will take a moment to acknowledge how powerful and strong we are. Today, I hope that each woman who thinks that she is weak, unworthy, not beautiful, not attractive, who feels that she is a waste… will take a second to truly realize how big […]

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On A Weather Like This Find The Shiny Stuff

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  We have found it. Finally. We found a new office and showroom for Morodan Shop. And in this light of all of us from my team, spending more time at the office now than at home, some things from my dressing must be organized too. Because I`m going to take half of it with […]

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Kitchen Victim is Back and We`re On The Healthy Mood

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Admit it. Admit it. Admitttt itttttt. You missed us. You did, you did. I`m sure of it We are back and ready to rumble. Mazilu brought a new friend with her – the Tefal Infini Press Revolution and was set on teaching me how to make my own juices instead of buying them. De voie de nevoie, […]

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