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Pentru Fetele care Viseaza sa Ajunga

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Asta e pentru toate fetele care viseaza sa Ajunga: Sa ajungi oriunde presupune sa-ti asumi ca n-o sa ai timp sa iesi in oras. Deloc. O sa promiti dar n-o sa ajungi! Aproape tot timpul. Si oamenii nu vor intelege.  Sa ajungi oriunde inseamna ca probabil o sa uiti de ziua de nastere a partenerului […]

14 August 2017 / By / 23 Comments

Untold, The Festival Which Fascinates Us All

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  You might be wondering what a Countess is doing at an electronic music festival (namely, Untold).  Real Countesses are more often seen surrounded by Art Nouveau buildings, carefully trimmed grass, bushes & everything else nature related (no, real Countesses don’t even tolerate nature when it’s messy & unbending to the strict rigours of high […]

10 August 2017 / By / 16 Comments

How DSLRs become Mjoyable for the Everyday Countess

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Here’s how the story went. I was babbling at the beginning of this year that some people I follow on social media have some uber cool pictures. And I was talking with Costrut trying to discover with what those pictures were taken. With a phone? Which one? With a camera? Which one? Clossy Mossy was […]

31 July 2017 / By / 19 Comments

Buh-bye,We’re Off to Dubai – Chapter 2

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  Hello Ladies of the Internet,   It is I, the Countess, penning another episode from #theMoffice Dubai Adventure. Today I’ll tell you how I almost ended up in an episode of Discovery’s “I shouldn’t be alive”.     The day started normally – that is, normally from a Dubai standpoint. Crazy pampered, with a […]

29 July 2017 / By / 10 Comments

How Do WE Move Forward?

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The operative word being WE. Us. Women.    The internet and technology in general is great for many reasons, however one rubs me just right in particular. Can you guess it? No? Maybe? Ladies, grab a glass of gin and allow me to explain.    Lo Spaccio overall – Fandacsia hat – SunglassCurator sunglasses – […]

27 July 2017 / By / 13 Comments