How Do WE Move Forward?

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27 July 2017 / By / 13 Comments

The operative word being WE. Us. Women. 

The internet and technology in general is great for many reasons, however one rubs me just right in particular. Can you guess it? No? Maybe? Ladies, grab a glass of gin and allow me to explain. 










Lo Spaccio overall – Fandacsia hat – SunglassCurator sunglasses –  IQOS heels 

Photos by Costrut 


My favourite part about the internet and the modern world is the fact that it liberated our access to information and… people. Anybody can start a blog, a site, a platform, anything. Then, naturally, like-minded individuals stumble upon what you build and stick around (or throw shit at you, but hey, the internet comes with a block button as well). Those people who stick around become your community. The years pass, the community grows and something that, to me at least, feels magical happens: you sometimes start feeling as if you are one. 

I met a lot of the women who read my blog. I met them at events, at conferences, when I was a speaker and sometimes in contexts as simple as walking down the street. With some the interaction was brief, with others we chatted for hours as if we knew each other for years and there’s a few special ones that I’ve been friends with for years. Even if we’ve never met, they write to me, they send me letters, they somehow let me know that they are there, and most importantly, that they care. How could you not fall in love with them? How could you not love technology, in spite of all its negative effects, when it allows us to come together in such a powerful and meaningful way? 


So, how do I move forward? With my head held high, surrounded by smart, powerful and passionate women. 


This article was inspired by IQOS. A gadget for 18+ smokers I have been using for several months already.

#IQOSonheels #PuneToculpeI


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  1. Layla says:

    Salopeta porto e superba si ador cum ti-ai legat palaria.

  2. Alejandra says:

    Excellent article, love love love it!

  3. Pinnky Daria says:

    Ador tinuta, iar de text nu mai vorbesc

  4. Liaaanaa says:

    Cat de frumoase sunt sandalele, imi place mult broderia de pe toc ❤️

  5. Dariana_Daiana says:

    Excelent spus!!! ??????

  6. Fashionista says:

    I love you. Esti cea mai tare! Ultima propozitie m-a lasat cu piele de gaina

  7. Oana L. says:

    We’ll always be here, because you are amazing <3

  8. Dorina says:

    Te apreciez enorm de mult, mai ales pentru ca deseori iti exprimi recunostinta fata de comunitatea ta. Altele uita de unde au pornit si se comporta de parca nu oamenii care le citesc le-au adus in pozitia in care sunt…

  9. Magnolia says:

    Lovely outfit ?

  10. bubbles says:

    You said it girl, you said it well!

  11. Cristina S. says:

    we love you <3

  12. Love your hat <3

  13. Maria says:

    Excellent article..

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