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Debbie Millman is Coming to Bucharest

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Pe mine femeia asta m-a inspirat ceva incredibil! Debbie Millman este unul din cei mai influenți designeri și specialiști în branding si vine vara asta la București. Dacă sunteți interesați de design, storytelling și sfaturi despre cum îți poți construi o carieră de succes în ciuda fricilor și obstacolelor, hai s-o vedeți pe Debbie Millman […]

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Once and For All: Why I Will Never Be About Trends

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Morodan Shop dress – available at our showroom or at   Ever heard me swooning over a new trend each an every season?     I don’t think so. It’s not that I don’t like fashion, don’t get me wrong, I love it just as much as the next fashionista. Howeveeeer, there’s a very, very, […]

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VictoriANA – On the Cover of the New Beau Monde Issue

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LET THEM EAT CAKE or any other quote by the nonconforming women of history This is one cover I simply adore! Why? Because it is our very own take on the Dangerous Liaisons game. And I am absolutely PSYCHED about the turnout. And bonus points to us because we managed to do this in four hours – […]

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Buh-bye,We’re Off to Dubai – Chapter 1

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Scorching heat, Ramadan, jaw-dropping man-made structures, artificial islands, gourmet dining, a swim with sharks, abayas paired with 255s. Dubai really is a unique blend of old and new, tradition and progression.     This week on KUWTM(office) we’ll take you to the bustling economic centre of the Emirates in the plushes of Atlantis the Palm […]

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Confession Nr. 4

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Have I told you that I’m currently taping a new reality show for Antena 1?   It’s about weddings and all the shinding and I’ll be on your motion picture devices 90 minutes every day . On the downside, that means I’m not sleeping or basically doing anything else. We are filming non-stop. And yes, I […]

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