November 2016

I Secretly Think Sarah Andersen Talks About Me

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If you don’t know Sarah Andersen yet, get in formation. She’s internet’s hottest illustrator. Her witty and cute series has charmed millions of social media users.    I haven’t met Sarah in person yet, but I secretly think she knows me because these illustrations below are talking about my exact feelings towards shit life. I must […]

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5 Signs You’re Succeeding in Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are

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Liu Jo dress – Gucci heels – I.D.Sarrieri body  Photo by Costrut     5 Signs You’re Succeeding in Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are   I’ve read something similar on the internet (where else, lately) yesterday and it really gave me a fresh perspective. Thank God cause I was one the verge […]

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Goodbye Mister Cohen! Thank your for the Miracles!

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Leonard Cohen died today… I feel the urge to cry much more than yesterday when I found out that Donald Trump is the new president of the United States.  He died three months after his muse Marianne, telling her that their bodies are already to weak for their souls:   “It said well Marianne it’s come […]

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GIN – Morodan Digital Influencers Academy – Glass 3 & 4

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Glass 3 & 4 from the Morodan Digital Influencers Academy    Glass 3 – Networking. Your influential circles. Your circle of trust. Your interest circle.    I don’t know anyone – How do I get to know Everyone? Who are your Key People and why are they important? How to get to the people that matter […]

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It’s a FITZa World

Living Art

    Pfoai de mine Morodan, te-ai ingrasat 3 kilograme de ieri pana astazi. Trebuie instalata noua versiune de Photoshop de urgenta!  

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